Women’s Voices from Yiddish to Polish

Aleksandra Kremer

Kremer reviews two new volumes dealing with Yiddish poetry, both published in Poland in 2018, which focus on the work of women poets.


On the Pedagogic Uses of Literal Translation

Lawrence Rosenwald

Lawrence Rosenwald considers the uses and meanings of literal translation in the classroom.


Translating the Holocaust

Jonah S. Boyarin

Jonah Boyarin explores the process of his translation of Mordkhe Wolfshaut-Dinkes’s holocaust memoir, Checkmate: The Miracle of My Life.


A Tale of Two Translators: Yehoash and Alter Take on the Tanakh

Jeffrey Shandler

The recent publication of Robert Alter’s long-awaited complete translation of the entire Hebrew Bible into English is a en enormous achievement. But Alter is not the first to tackle this monumental project; almost a century earlier, Solomon Bloomgarten—better known by his pen name, Yehoash—produced a landmark translation of the same text into Yiddish.


The Latest Yiddish Translations, 2018

Maia Evrona, Jessica Kirzane and Daniel Kennedy

A roundup of translations published in 2018.


Die Geometrie des Verzichts: Deborah Vogel's poetry, essays, and letters in a new German translation and compilation

Anastasiya Lyubas

This volume, edited and translated by Anna Maja Misiak, is the first edition of Debora Vogel’s work in any language to include all of her prose and poetry.

Text & Translation

פֿון מגילה לידער

Excerpts from Itsik Manger's Megile Lider (Megillah Poems)

Itzik Manger

Translation by Hershl Hartman

The Book of Esther as reimagined by Itsik Manger



Boris Dralyuk

In time for the one hundredth anniversary of the October revolution, Dovid Bergelson's novel Mides-hadin is out in a new translation by Harriet Murav and Sasha Senderovich.


Queering Broadway: Indecent and Lesbian Yiddish Love

C Tova Markenson

Onstage, intimacy that's untranslatable.


Remedy Before the Sickness: Eli Rosen on Translating Rhinoceros into Yiddish

Tova Benjamin

Tova Benjamin talks with Eli Rosen, translator of Rhinoceros, about fascism, Talmudic tractates, Yiddish fluency, and going OTD.

Text & Translation

Taytsh-Rope Walking: The Occupational Hazards of Yiddish Translation

Daniel Kennedy

In an effort to pool the collective wisdom of its readership In geveb regularly conducts polls on various topics. This time we have asked the translators to weigh in.


Yiddish, Translation, and a World Literature To-Come

Saul Noam Zaritt

In geveb's founding editor discusses different models of Yiddish in relation to world literature through the figures of Sholem Asch and Jacob Glatstein.

Text & Translation

דער מאַרש צו די גױים

The March to the Goyim

Jacob Glatstein

Translation by Saul Noam Zaritt

A no-holds-barred essay from Jacob Glatstein on publishing, translation, and world literature.


Teaching Guide for Yoysef Kerler’s “Old Fashioned” and “The Sea” (trans. Evrona)

Jessica Kirzane

The second in a series of teaching guides, this one for Maia Evrona's translation of Yoysef Kerler's poems "Old Fashioned" and "The Sea" (1979).


New Yiddish Film and the Transvernacular

Rebecca Margolis

The study of Yiddish cinema gets updated for the twenty-first century, Margolis explores how the language is being used in film in the last decade.


Nothing Backwards about the Forward's New Anthology

Eileen Pollack

The new anthology of stories published in The Forward has more than a few gems, Eileen Pollack reviews.


לויט די לערערס | Teachers Weigh In: Teaching Texts in Translation

Jessica Kirzane

Instructors share their thoughts on teaching Yiddish texts in translation.


“Conversion through language”: Mo Pareles on Yiddish, Old English, and the Temporal Other

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

A medievalist uses Yiddish in her scriptural scholarship.


Teaching Guide for Dik's "Slavery or Serfdom" (trans. Rosenblatt)

Jessica Kirzane

The first in a series of teaching guides, this one for Eli Rosenblatt’s translation of Isaac Meir Dik’s introduction to his 1868 adaptation of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852).


Jerold C. Frakes: Early Yiddish Epic

Rachel Wamsley

Jerold Frakes’s recent English anthology makes early Yiddish epic accessible to a broad audience for the first time.


Invitation to Participate: How Do You Teach With Translated Texts from Yiddish?

The Editors

Do you teach using translated texts from Yiddish sources? Tell us about it.


Radical, Rational Eating: Eve Jochnowitz on Eastern European Vegetarians, Jewish Politics, and Translating The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Eve Jochnowitz discusses the rise of vegetarian cuisine among Jews, leftist politics, and how to make gefilte fish without any fish at all.


The Lonely Hero Needs Reanimating: Poems by Yisroel Nekrasov | רעאַנימאַטאָרן קענען אַלץ: לידער פֿון ישׂראל נעקראַסאָוו

Zackary Sholem Berger

A new book of contemporary Yiddish poetry from the Russian writer Yisroel Nekrasov considers murder, reanimation, the geography of time, and the long work of mourning.


Embracing the Multiple: A Conversation with Zohar Weiman-Kelman

Temim Fruchter

Zohar Weiman-Kelman on the intersections of Yiddish, translation, and the erotic.


Embracing Ambiguity: Reflections on Translating Yiddish

Anita Norich

Professor Anita Norich concludes our series of reflections on Translating Yiddish in the twenty-first century by reconsidering our relationship to ambiguity in translation.


Translating the Iceberg: Reflections on the Possibilities of In geveb’s Texts & Translations Section

Madeleine Cohen

In geveb's Managing Editor for Translations reflects on the need and possibilities for translating the archives of Yiddish culture, in addition to the greats of its literature.


Translation from Yiddish: Whys and Wherefores

Zackary Sholem Berger

Zackary Sholem Berger reflects upon the roundtable discussion at AJS last December that inspired this series, and on his own motivations as a translator from Yiddish and a writer in English and Yiddish.

Text & Translation

בינטשע די צדקתטע אָדער די אײַנגעפֿאַלענע באָד

Bintshe the Tsadeykeste or The Demolished Bathhouse

Jacob Morgenstern

Translation by Myra Mniewski

A new translation of a nineteenth century chapbook detailing the comic adventures of a woman named Bintshe and her mission to save a dilapidated bathhouse.


The Problem of Materiality in Yiddish Translation

Sarah Ponichtera

In the second essay in our series of reflections on translating Yiddish in the twenty-first century, Sarah Ponichtera thinks about how we can bring a sense of materiality to our translations.


Precarious Chains: Reflections on Translating Yiddish

Saul Noam Zaritt

Chief Editor Saul Noam Zaritt introduces our series of essays reflecting on the state of Yiddish translation.


"Eight Volumes in Dour Maroon": Josh Fogel on Translating the Leksikon

Madeleine Cohen and Diana Clarke

The Leksikon fun der nayer yidisher literatur, which is full of hard-to-find biographical and bibliographical information about Yiddish writers, is tough to access outside institutions or from the far side of a paywall. By methodically translating and posting entries from the Leksikon online, Josh Fogel is working to change that.


Yehoash’s Scroll: A Calligraphed Megiles Ester

Shifra Epstein

In honor of Purim, a fine calligraphed scroll of Yehoash's translation into Yiddish of the Book of Esther, completed by the poet's daughter Chava.


Vilne? Vilna? Wilno? Vilnius?: Place Names in Yiddish

Ben Sadock, Samuel Spinner and Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Our editorial team discusses/debates our guidelines for translating and transliterating place names from the Yiddish.


"We Should Not Create Enemies": Europe's Refugee Crisis and Yiddish Song

Sonia Gollance

Austrian shepherd Hans Breuer on driving refugees across the border, and getting famous for singing Yiddish songs.