The Latest Yiddish Translations, 2022

Dalia Wolfson


In geveb is pleased to present a list of trans­la­tions from Yid­dish into oth­er lan­guages, pub­lished in 2022. The trans­la­tions list­ed below fea­ture sin­­gle-author books of Yid­dish trans­la­tions in each lan­guage, fol­lowed by a list of indi­vid­ual pieces trans­lat­ed into the same lan­guage, where avail­able. Hyper­links to the orig­i­nal pub­li­ca­tions are pro­vid­ed.

This is not an exhaus­tive list, and we need your help to make it bet­ter! If you worked on, or know of, a trans­la­tion pub­lished in 2022 that does not appear on this list, please write to translate@​ingeveb.​org and we will add it.

With thanks to: Nora Dol­liv­er, Daniel Kennedy, Susanne Klin­gen­stein, Mag­dalew­na Kozlows­ka, Eliez­er Nibors­ki, The NYPL Dorot Jew­ish Divi­sion and com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers from Face­book groups Yid­Forsh and Yid­dish Trans­la­tion for suggestions. 

Sin­gle-Author Books: English

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: English

Sin­gle-Author Books: French

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: French

Sin­gle-Author Books: German

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: German

Sin­gle-Author Books: Hebrew

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: Hebrew

Sin­gle-Author Books: Lithuanian

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: Lithuanian

Sin­gle-Author Books: Polish

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: Polish

Sin­gle-Author Books: Russian

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: Russian

Sin­gle-Author Books: Spanish

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: Spanish

Sin­gle-Author Books: Belarusian

Sin­gle-Author Books: Chinese

Sin­gle-Author Books: Czech

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: Dutch

Sin­gle-Author Books: Greek

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: Swedish

Peri­od­i­cals, Antholo­gies, and Online Pub­li­ca­tions: Ukrainian

Single-Author Books: English

Sholem Aleichem.
Moshkeleh the Thief. Trans. Curt Leviant. The Jewish Publication Society, 2021.
First English translation of Moshkele der ganef.

Chana Blankshteyn. Fear and Other Stories. Trans. Anita Norich. Wayne State University Press, 2022.
A collection of nine stories by Chana Blankshteyn (~1860-1939), originally published in 1939.

Yuriy Budiak. Toward Hopeful Skies. Trans. Jordan Finkin and Jessica Kirzane. Naydus Press, 2022.
Two children’s books by Yuri Budiak (published originally in Ukrainian and translated into Yiddish) in a trilingual English/Yiddish/Ukrainian edition.

Chaim Grade. My Quar­rel With Hersh Rasseyner. Trans. Ruth Wisse. Toby Press, 2022.
A bilingual Yiddish-English edition of a Grade story. Wisse’s translation was originally printed in Mosaic Magazine in 2020 and constitutes the first full English translation of the story.

Zalmen Gradowski. The Last Consolation Vanished:The Testimony of a Sonderkommando in Auschwitz. Trans. Rubye Monet. University of Chicago Press, 2022.
A personal account from Gradowski, an Auschwitz prisoner and Sonderkommando who helped lead a rebellion on October 7th, 1944.

Eli Gumener. A Ukrainian Chapter: A Jewish Aid Worker’s Memoir of Sorrow (Podolia, 1918–20). Trans. Michael Nutkiewicz. Slavic Publishers, 2022.
An annotated English translation of Gumener’s Yiddish memoir, published in 1921, detailing experiences of relief work during the years of pogroms in the Russian Civil War.

Yitschok Horowitz. The Tavern of Popriciani. Trans. Ollie Elkus. Naydus Press, 2022.
Horowitz’s novelistic remembrances of a childhood in a small Romanian town. An excerpt was previously published in In geveb.

Eisig Husen. Kittever Memorial Book. Trans. Stanley Scheindlin. JewishGen Yizkor Book Project, 2022.
Translation of a yizkor book for modern-day Kuty, Ukraine, originally published by The Kittever Sick and Benevolent Society in New York in 1958.

Shimon Kanc. Volomin: A Memorial to the Jewish Community of Volomin. Trans. Unknown. JewishGen Yizkor Project, 2022.
English translation of a Yizkor book commemorating Wolomin (Poland), published in Tel Aviv in 1971.

Miriam Karpilove. Judith. Trans. Jessica Kirzane. Farlag Press, 2022.
An epistolary novel which marked Karpilove’s literary debut at the age of twenty-three.

Anna Margolin. During Sleepless Nights and Other Stories. Trans. Daniel Kennedy. Farlag Press, 2022.
A selection of four stories by Roza Lebensboym.

Ida Maze. Dineh: An Autobiographical Novel. Trans. Yermiyahu Ahron Taub. White Goat Press, 2022.
An autobiographical novel by Maze (1893-1962).

Hersh Dovid Nomberg. Happiness and Other Fictions. Trans. Daniel Kennedy. Snuggly Books, 2022.
The second collection of Nomberg short stories published by Snuggly Books.

Zusman Segalovitsh. Tsilke the Wild. Trans. Daniel Kennedy. Farlag Press, 2022.
A translation of Segalovitsh’s Di vilde tsilke (1922). The novel appeared in installments in In geveb in 2021

Fradl Shtok. From the Jewish Provinces. Trans. Jordan D. Finkin and Allison Schachter. Northwestern University Press, 2022.
Selected stories by Shtok in three parts: European Stories, American Stories and The Final Story.

Isaac Bashevis Singer. Shammai Weitz. Trans. Daniel Kennedy. Sublunary Editions, 2022.
A long comic story written by Singer in the 1920s.

Alex Soifer. Krinki in Ruins. Trans. Beate Schützmann-Krebs. JewishGen Yizkor Book Project, 2022.
Translation of Krinik in khurbn: memuarn, Soifer’s memoir about modern-day Krynki, Poland.

Isaiah Spiegel. Flames from the Earth. Trans. Julian Levinson. Northwestern University Press, 2022.
A lyrical, autobiographical novel written in and about the Łódź Ghetto and published in Israel in 1966.

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: English

A Taste for Brachos: Hilchos Berachos. Trans. E. Lebron. Machon LeHalacha LaYeled, 2022.
The laws of blessings, with illustrated chart and color photographs.

The Ringelblum Archive: Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, Vol. 6. Żydowski Instytut Historyczny, 2022.
Vol. 6: Accounts from the General Governments. Includes translations from the Yiddish by Helen Beer, Jennifer Bell, Vincent Homolka, Louis D. Levine, Dianne Levitin, Rivka Schiller, Barry Smerin, Wojciech Tworek and Elena Watson.

The Ringelblum Archive: Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, Vol. 7. Żydowski Instytut Historyczny, 2022.
Vol. 7: Accounts from the Annexed Territories: Warthegau, Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia, Regierungsbezirk, Zichenau, Upper Silesia. Includes translations from the Yiddish by Jennifer Bell, Victoria Dorosz, Daniel Kennedy, Fleur Kuhn, Dianne Levitin, Barry Smerin, Wojciech Tworek, Elena Watson and Rebecca Wolpe.



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    Yiddish Book Center Online Translations

    Yiddish Book Center, Pakn Treger Summer 2022

    • Y. Y. Trunk, “Tocia and the Golden Goat,” trans. Sonia Gollance

    Yiddish Book Center, Pakn Treger 2022 Digital Issue

      Single-Author Books: French

      Jacob Celemenski. Coupés du monde: Un militant du Bund raconte la survie et la résistance juives sous l’occupation nazie en Pologne. Trans. Michel Celemenski, Patricia Chandon-Piazza, Bernard Vaisbrot. Le Manuscrit, 2022.
      A French translation of Celemenski’s Mitn farshnitenem folk (New York, 1963).

      Avrom Moshè Fuchs. Sous le pont et autres nouvelles. Trans. Rachel Ertel. Buchet Chastel, 2022.
      Five short stories by Fuchs in French translation, most of them translated from the collection Unter der brik un andere dertseylungen (Warsaw, 1924).

      Leyb Rashkin. Les gens de Godelbojits. Trans. Jean Spector. Le Tripode, 2022.
      A translation of the Rashkin’s novel Di mentshn fun Godlbozhits (Warsaw, 1936).

      Isaac Bashevis Singer. Retour rue Krochmalna. Trans. Marie-Pierre Bay et Nicolas Castelnau-Bay. Stock, 2022.
      Translation of Singer’s novel, translated from the English version.

      Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: French

      Traces de vie à Auschwitz : un manuscrit clandestin : édition commentée de l’Introduction au Recueil Auschwitz (manuscrit clandestin 1945). Trans. Batia Baum and Rachel Ertel. Le Bord de L’eau, 2022.
      Anthology of clandestine texts written at Auschwitz, collected by Abraham Levite and other deportees. Also includes critical essays translated from the English and Italian by editor Philippe Mesnard.

      Passages - Paris dans la poésie yiddish

      Single-Author Books: German

      Boris Sandler. Kuriositäten aus der Reisetasche. Trans. Andrea Fiedermutz. Anton Pustet, 2022.
      A German translation of Sandler’s book of short stories, Antikn funem Sakvoyazh, originally published by Yiddish Branzhe Publishing, 2019.

      Isaac Bashevis Singer. Der Scharlatan. Trans. Christa Krüger. Suhrkamp, 2022.
      Translation of Singer’s novel, originally serialized in the 1940s in the Forverts, translated from the English.

      Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: German

      Ein jüdischer Garten. Ed. Itamar Gov, Hila Peleg and Eran Schaerf. Hanser Literaturverlage, 2022.
      An anthology of poems on botanical themes from writers in the Jewish diaspora. Includes translations by Susanne Klingenstein of Yiddish poems by Celia Dropkin, Itsik Manger, Anna Margolin, Avrom Sutzkever and Malka Heifetz Tussman.

      Susanne Klingenstein. Es kann nicht jeder ein Gelehrter sein: Eine Kulturgeschichte der jiddischen Literatur 1105-1597. Suhrkamp, 2022.
      The first in a four-volume cultural history of Yiddish literature, this one focussed on early Yiddish literature from the Middle Ages to the end of the sixteenth century. Includes a translation of a poem by Avrom Sutzkever and a full translation of a letter from Elye Bokher, in addition to excerpted German translations of Old Yiddish texts throughout.

      Single-Author Books: Hebrew

      Alter Kacyzne. ערבסקות. Trans. Bilhah Rubinstein. Blima, 2022.
      A selection of stories by Kacyzne, with translations and an afterword by the translator.

      Yitzchak Katznelson. קול דמי אחיך (Vol. 1). Trans. Menachem Zalman Volfovsky. Dror La-nefesh, 2022.
      A reprint of Volfovsky’s original 1949 Hebrew translation of Katznelson’s “Dos lid fun oysgehargetn yidishn folk” (1945) in the first volume of Thy Brother’s Blood, a two-volume series of readings on the topic of genocide.

      Debora Vogel. הנשמה שיש לחומרים. Trans. Yael Levi. Eruvin, 2022.
      Bi-lingual edition of selected writings by Vogel, including stories and essays.

      Isaac Bashevis Singer. השטן בגוריי, מעשה שהיה בימים רחוקים. Trans. Bilhah Rubinstein. Carmel, 2022.
      A new Hebrew translation of Singer’s classic “Satan in Goray” as well as other stories.

      Isaac Bashevis Singer. ספינה לאמריקה. Trans. Bilhah Rubinstein. Pardes, 2022.
      A Hebrew translation of Singer’s serialized novel, A shif keyn amerike, published in the Forverts throughout 1963.

      Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Hebrew

      Iberzets / איבערזעץ


      • Peretz Hirschbein, “Shotoku” trans. Ber Kotlerman


      Ktav Et Yerushalmi /כתב עת ירושלמי

      • Velvl Chernin, “הופשטיין,” trans. Velvl Chernin

        Single-Author Books: Lithuanian

        Mani Leib. Pasakaitė eilėmis apie mamą su trimis sūnumis. Trans. Miglė Anušauskaitė and Vainius Bakas. Slinktys Press, 2022.
        A Lithuanian translation of a Yiddish fairy tale, “A maysele in gramen fun dray zin mit a mamen.”

        Khane Levin. Vilenke ir Maja. Trans. Miglė Anušauskaitė. Slinktys Press, 2022.
        Three poems by Khane Levin are featured in this Lithuanian translation.

        Avrom Reyzen. “Medis” and “Fabrikas.” Trans. Goda Volbikaitė. Slinktys Press, 2022.
        Two stories by Reyzen.

        Šolomas Zelmanavičius. Ger Cedekas. Grafas Potockis iš Vilniaus. Trans. Roza Bieliauskienė, Rose Waldman, Erika Lastovskytė Frittoli. Lithuanian National Art Museum, 2022.
        A three-act play first published in Kaunas in 1934, translated into English and Lithuanian.

        Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Lithuanian

        Telšiai. Atminties knyga. Trans. Lara Lempertienė, Goda Volbikaitė, Roza Bieliauskienė and Sergejus Kanovičius. Žemaicai Museum “Alka,” 2022.
        Translation of the Telz memory book.

        Žalieji medeliai. Edited by Dr. Lara Lempertienė. Trans. Julijana Andriejauskienė, Rūta Anulytė, Miglė Anušauskaitė, Lara Lempertienė, Aistė Puidokaitė, Mantautas Šulskus, Saulė Valiūnaitė and Goda Volbikaitė. Slinktys Press, 2022.
        Anthology based on the Grininke beymelekh children’s magazine published by the Boris Kletskin Publishing House in Vilnius in the 1910s. Includes poems by Sholem Asch, Itzik Kipnis, Mani Leib, Sara Reyzen and others.

        Šiaurės Atėnai

        • Peisech Markus, “Streiklaužys,” trans. Goda Volbikaitė

        Single-Author Books: Polish

        Sholem Abramovitch. Szlojme od reb Chaima. Trans. Marek Tuszewicki. Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, 2022.
        A translation of Abramovitch’s childhood memoirs.

        Malka Lee. Oczami dziecka. Trans. Katarzyna Lisiecka. Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, 2022.
        A translation of Lee’s memoirs of her childhood in the1920s.

        Y. L. Peretz. Mgliste lata dzieciństwa: Wspomnienia z Zamościa. Trans. Magdalena Ruta. Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, 2022.
        A translation of the first (and only) volume from Peretz’s Mayne zikhroynes (published in 1913).

        Chava Rosenfarb. Bociany. Opowieść o sztetlu. Trans. Joanna Degler and Ruta Magdalena. Centrum Dialogu im. Marka Edelmana, 2020.
        Translation of Rosenfarb’s novel Bociany.

        Zusman Segalovitch. Tłomackie 13. Trans. Michał Friedman. Austeria, 2022.
        Segalovitch’s memoir about The Jewish Union of Wriers and Journalists headquartered at Tłomackie 13.

        Isaac Bashevis Singer. Ruda Kejla. Trans. Krzysztof Modelski. Fame Art, 2022.
        A translation of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Yarme un Keyle, set in pre-war Warsaw and printed serially in the Forverts in 1976-1977.

        Israel Joshua Singer. Towarzysz Nachman. Trans. Krzysztof Modelski. Fame Art, 2022.
        A novel by Israel Joshua Singer.

        David Sohn. Księga-album pamięci gminy żydowskiej w Białymstoku. Trans. Anna Szyba (Yiddish). Łomżyńskie Towarzystwo Naukowe im. Wagów, 2022.
        A translation of a bilingual English-Yiddish 1200-photo memorial album of the Jewish community of Bialystok, prepared by David Sohn.

        Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Polish

        Księga pamięci Żydów augustowskich. Trans. Magdalena Sommer (Hebrew) and Monika Polit and students (Yiddish). Jamiński Zespół Indeksacyjny, 2022.
        A Polish translation of the memorial book for Augustow.

        Księga pamięci Sokołowa Podlaskiego. Trans. Agata Reibach (Yiddish) and Regina Gromacka (Hebrew). Fundacja Gszarim, 2022.
        A Polish translation of the memorial book for Sokołów Podlaski.

        Tańczymy zaczarowani taniec młodości : łódzka awangarda żydowska - publikacje artystyczne wydawnictwa Achrid, 1921. Trans. Dariusz Dekiert, Natalia Krynicka and Krystyna Radziszewska.
        Translations of three poetry collections by writers Khaim Krol, Rokhl Lipstein and Dovid Zitman, with illustrations by artists Ida Brauner, Estera Karp and Dina Matus, published by a Łódź-based Jewish avant-garde publishing house, Archrid Press, in 1921.



        Miasteczko Poznań

          Single-Author Books: Russian

          Velvl Chernin. Еврейские фактази. Trans. Velvl Chernin. Jaromír Hladík Press, 2022.
          A self-translation into Russian of Yidishe faktazyes (Olniansky Tekst, 2021).

          Moisey Lemster. Еврей в краю вина и любви. Trans. Valery Fokin, Freddy Zorin and Rudolf Olshevsky. Tel Aviv, 2022.
          A book of poems by Israel-based Moldovan Yiddish writer Moisey Lemster, newly translated into Russian.

          Avrom Reyzen. Такие люди были раньше. Trans. Isroel Nekrasov. Knizhniki, 2022.
          A collection of short stories by Reyzen.

          Esther Rosenthal-Shneiderman. Биробиджан вблизи. Trans. Isroel Nekrasov. Birobidzhan, 2022.
          Translation of Rosenthal-Shneiderman’s Yiddish memoir (originally published in 1983 by G. Leyvik Farlag) about her stay in Birobidzhan in 1935-1938.

          Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Russian

          Рассказ о стране Биробиджан: Сборник художественных и
          документальных произведений о Еврейской автономной области.
          Ed. V. Chernin, B Gurevich, E. Sarashevskaya. Наследие ЕАО, 2022.

          Anthology of Ukranian, Russian and Yiddish writings about Birobidzhan, including original Yiddish pieces by Dovid Bergelson, Velvl Chernin, Yosef Kerler, Isroel Emiot, Lyuba Wasserman and others, and translations from the Yiddish by Velvl Chernin, Valeriya Fomenko, Elena Sarashevskaya, Roman Shoykhet, Isroel Nekrasov, Zissy Veytsman, Ber Kotlerman and others.


          Birobidzhaner Shtern


          Single-Author Books: Spanish

          Isaac Bashevis Singer. El Seductor. Trans. Rhoda Henelde and Jacob Abecasís. Acantilado, 2022.
          A translation of Singer’s Der sharlatan.

          Isaac Bashevis Singer. Una Ventana al Mundo. Trans. Andrés Catalán. Nordica libros, 2022.
          Six short stories by Singer.

          Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Spanish

          Nueva Sion

          Single-Author Books: Belarusian

          Moishe Kulbak. Усе вершы і паэмы. Trans. Siarhiej Šupa. Vesna Books, 2022.
          Second volume of collected works of Moyshe Kulbak, with original Yiddish, Latin transliteration and parallel Belarusian translation.

          Single-Author Books: Chinese

          Isaac Bashevis Singer. 傻瓜吉姆佩尔 / (美) 艾萨克·巴什维斯·辛格 著 ; 郭国良 译. Trans. Guoliang Guo. Zhongxin Chuban Jituan, 2022.
          Translation of Singer’s “Gimpel the Fool” and other stories.

          Isaac Bashevis Singer.卢布林的魔术师 / (美) 艾萨克·巴什维斯·辛格 著 ; 小二 译. Trans. Er Xiao. Zhongxin Chuban Jituan, 2022.
          Translation of Singer’s “The Magician of Lublin.”

          Single-Author Books: Czech

          Yechiel Meyer Raichman. Útěk z Treblinky : přežil jsem, abych podal svědectví o těch velkých jatkách. Trans. Anna Štorkánov. Víkend, 2022.
          Translation of the memoirs of Raichman (1914-2004) about his experiences in Treblinka.

          Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Dutch

          Di Grine Medine

            Single-Author Books: Greek

            Isaac Bashevis Singer. Γκίμπελ ο σαλός και άλλες ιστορίες. Trans. Váios Liapī́s. Kichli Publishing, 2022.
            Translation of “Gimpel the Fool” and other stories.

            Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Swedish


            • Ber Kotlerman, “Shmul”, trans. Salomon Schulman

            Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Ukrainian


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