The Latest in Yiddish Studies in English: 2016

Rachelle Grossman and Saul Noam Zaritt

A bibliography of the prolific output of Yiddish scholarship published in English last year.


Invitation to Participate: Yiddish in Holocaust Education

The Editors

Do you teach courses related to the Holocaust? What role does Yiddish have in those courses? Let us know in this survey.

Text & Translation

אין צײַט פֿון פֿאַרנומענעם פּױלן

In Occupied Poland

Moyshe Aftergut

Translation by Shifra Epstein

A summary of the first pirem-shpil or “Purim play” written, produced and performed by Bobover Hasidim in the United States after the Second World War.


Resources in Yiddish Studies: Yiddish Linguistic Scholarship

Zachary M. Baker

This online bibliographical series devoted to research resources in Yiddish Studies focuses on publications and other resources devoted to the Yiddish language itself.


Sholem Aleichem’s Digital Turn

Madeleine Cohen and Diana Clarke

An interview with Jeremy Dauber about the new website


Teaching Guide for Yoysef Kerler’s “Old Fashioned” and “The Sea” (trans. Evrona)

Jessica Kirzane

The second in a series of teaching guides, this one for Maia Evrona’s translation of Yoysef Kerler’s poems “Old Fashioned” and “The Sea” (1979).

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