Boris Dralyuk

In time for the one hundredth anniversary of the October revolution, Dovid Bergelson’s novel Mides-hadin is out in a new translation by Harriet Murav and Sasha Senderovich.


From Kansas to Kentucky in a Jewish Literature Classroom: A “Creative Option” for Reflection Papers

Jessica Kirzane

Jessica Kirzane discusses a creative writing prompt for students in a course on American Jewish Literature and shares samples of students’ work.


Invitation to Participate: Teaching with Sholem Aleichem

The Editors

Calling all teachers! Participate in our pedagogy poll.


Recreation as Education: Yiddish Vokh 2017

Sandra Fox

Sandra Fox on returning to summer camp at the Yidish Vokh, a week-long Yiddish language retreat for all ages.


Tam – Tastes of Yiddish Culture for Kids & Teens

Judy Kunofsky

KlezCalifornia, founded in 2003, and located in the San Francisco Bay Area, developed an initiative to bring materials about Yiddish culture to Jewish youth in religious schools and day schools.


“Falsche Juden”: A Study of Performative Identities in German Literature

Joela Jacobs

Nike Thurn’s recent book explores how Jewishness is performed in German literature.


Experiencing History: Jewish Perspectives on the Holocaust

Emil Kerenji

In November 2016, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum launched the beta version of Experiencing History: Jewish Perspectives on the Holocaust, a primary-source teaching tool that aims to bring Jewish sources from the Holocaust to the North American undergraduate classroom. Emil Kerenji describes the tool and how it can be used.

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