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Reader Favorites 2020-2021

The Editors

The top ten most popular things we published this year, from children’s book reports to a peer reviewed special issue.

Texts & Translation

Selections from Neger-Dikhtung in Amerike (Negro-Poetry in America)

Ani­ta Scott Cole­man , Angeli­na Weld Grimke and Claris­sa Scott Delaney

Translation by Robert Magid­off

Edited by Eli Rosenblatt

Eli Rosenblatt introduces three poems by African American women poets of the Harlem Renaissance, translated into Yiddish by Robert Magidoff for the 1936 anthology Neger-Dikhtung in America (Negro-Poetry in America), published in Moscow.


The Skotsboro Boys in Soviet Minsk

Andrew Sloin

Andrew Sloin guides us through a Soviet Yiddish pamphlet about the Scottsboro trial in the United States to reveal how this incident “became a prism to refract the long history of racial and class domination in the United States and a rallying cry to cultivate the spirit of internationalist socialist solidarity among Soviet readers.”


Viver com Yiddish/Lebn far yidish: Song and Story Workshops for Children in a Brazilian School

Sonia Kramer and Aline Silveira

In this piece Sonia Kramer and Aline Silveira describe their work with the Rio-de-Janeiro-based group Viver com Yiddish which runs successful Yiddish language and culture workshops for children.


Roundup of Universities Teaching Yiddish Across the World

Sarah Biskowitz and Hannah Mills

In this piece, Sarah Biskowitz and Hannah Mills present the answers to a survey gathering information on Yiddish courses offered at universities across the world.

Texts & Translation


“Gurnisht” Nothing

Zvee Scooler

Translation by Mikhl Yashinsky

Zvee Scooler’s masterpiece on nothing at all.

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