Text & Translation

לעצטע מעשׂים־טובֿים פֿון אַ טאָמײטע

A Tomato’s Last Good Deeds

Getsl Selikovitch

Translation by Michael Shapiro

If you thought Shloyme Gilbert’s “Monologue of a Dog” was strange, wait until you read Getsl Selikovitsh’s tomato monologue.


Introducing Jonah Lubin, Editorial Intern

Jonah Lubin

Introducing the newest member of our editorial staff!


Yiddish in ale lender! Yiddish Summer Programs Roundup 2019

Miranda Cooper

Looking to improve your Yiddish this summer? There are options all over the world, from traditional classroom-based programs to music festivals, and everything in between—and we’ve done the research so you don’t have to.


Online Yiddish Language Instruction: A Conversation

The Editors

A conversation between language instructors who teach and think about online courses, answering a series of questions that we posed in order to reflect on the state of online Yiddish language learning.


When the Stakes Were High and the Odds Were Low: On seeking publication and combing the archive

Shoshana Olidort

On taking revenge against negligent editors in the archive.


Feminist Dybbuks in Melbourne: Possession, Desire and Voice

Nicola Menser Hearn

In August 2018, Australian theatre maker and director Samara Hersch, along with Chamber Made, a company operating at the ‘nexus of contemporary performance, music and sound’, presented Dybbuks – a production in three acts exploring ideas of possession; of women being with the dead; of desire, ritual, and voice. Here, Nicola Menser Hearn reviews the production and discusses it with Hersch.

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