Invitation to Participate: Teaching Intermediate Yiddish

The Editors

Calling all teachers of Intermediate Yiddish! Participate in our pedagogy poll.

Text & Translation

Taytsh-Rope Walking: The Occupational Hazards of Yiddish Translation

Daniel Kennedy

In an effort to pool the collective wisdom of its readership In geveb regularly conducts polls on various topics. This time we have asked the translators to weigh in.


Yiddish Tattooing: Embodied Text

Diana Clarke

What draws us to embody language, or to make explicit how language embodies us?

Text & Translation

די ייִדישע יוניאָנס אין אַמעריקע

The Jewish Unions in America

Bernard Weinstein

Translation by Maurice Wolfthal

Bernard Weinstein’s memoir recounting the history of Jewish labor unions in the United States.


Resources in Yiddish Studies: The Holocaust

Zachary M. Baker

This online bibliographical series devoted to research resources in Yiddish Studies focuses on the Holocaust.


Birnbaum and the Distortions of Polemic

Ben Sadock

A review of the new edition of S. A. Birnbaum’s Yiddish: A Survey and a Grammar


The State of Yiddish Studies in Japanese Universities

Yuu Nishimura

Yuu Nishimura discusses the current state of Yiddish Studies in Japanese universities as well as her own resesarch and a workshop she organized at the universities of Kyoto and Tokyo on “Yiddishism and the Creation of the Yiddish Nation.”

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