Ze, s’iz harbst: Autumn’s Here!

The Editors

Autumn’s here, and that means it is time to begin In geveb’s seventh publishing year.


Not Entirely Off the Derech: A Review of Ayala Fader’s Hidden Heretics

Zackary Sholem Berger

Ayala Fader’s new book analyzes the double lives of hidden heretics — and how they are forced into such a bifurcated existence. It’s hard for a Yiddishist to maintain a neutral distance from Hidden Heretics, which is devoted to Hasidim who have almost gone completely off the religious path, but still stay inside their communities, leading double or multiple lives.


Yiddish Podcasts in Conversation: Vaybertaytsh and Dos Yidishe Kol

Sandra Fox

The hosts of two beloved Yiddish podcasts chat about how they came to create their programs, with a bilingual transcript.


Reader Favorites 2020-2021

The Editors

The top ten most popular things we published this year, from children’s book reports to a peer reviewed special issue.

Texts & Translation

An Excerpt from Mississippi

Leyb Malakh

Translation by Ellen Perecman

Edited by Alyssa Quint

An excerpt from Leyb Malakh’s Yiddish-language play entitled Mississippi, which was written and performed for the first time in Warsaw in 1935.


Reckoning with American Racism and Racist Violence, af Yiddish

Jessica Kirzane

In this updated version of our special issue on Race, af Yiddish, we offer a range of texts about local and international Yiddish representations of early twentieth century American racist violence.

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