The Latest Yiddish Translations, 2021

Dalia Wolfson

A roundup of translations published in 2021.


Notes on Teaching Yiddish in Berlin

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

I’ve always dreamed of teaching Yiddish in person in Berlin. When the exhausting lockdown in Berlin finally came to an end, I started to work on realizing my dream.


Invitation to Participate: Learning Yiddish on Duolingo

Sarah Biskowitz

An invitation for students learning Yiddish with Duolingo to fill out a survey about their motivations and experience with the learning software.


A Winter Vacation, sof kol sof

The Editors

We’re (belatedly) taking a winter publishing break. There’s plenty to read while we’re away.


It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Khanike

Jake Krakovsky

Yiddish Chanukah Carols rises above the level of spoof because of its committed engagement with both the original and new materials. Each track so that it settles comfortably between Desser’s new Chanukah lyrics and the recognizable Christmas original.


A Different Type of Seminary: Priests, Cyclists, and Other Tourists Visit the Lublin Yeshiva

Wojciech Tworek

The preserved pages of the guest book of Lublin’s renowned yeshiva tell us about the remarkable range of cyclists, Esperantists, local rabbinical students, Catholic seminary students, Hasidic rabbis, and Revisionist Zionists who all came to visit in the 1930s.


Chaim Grade: Facts of a Life

Susanne Klingenstein and Yehudah DovBer Zirkind

This essay offers the first fruits of laborious research in Grade’s papers, which were were jointly acquired by the National Library of Israel and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York in 2013.

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