Resources for Teaching about Israel/Palestine

Jessica Kirzane and Shachar Pinsker

As the war in Israel/Palestine continues to unfold, we aim to support our readers, many of whom are teachers and students of Yiddish, as they look for ways to learn about and discuss these events in mame-loshn.


Visions for the Lefty Queer Yiddish Future: A Conversation

freygl gertsovski, Sorke Schneider and Willow Rosenberg

Ahead of Queer Yiddish Camp and Rad Yiddish’s joint event “A Cabaret Fundraiser for a Lefty/Queer/Yiddish Future”, three co-organizers sat down to chat about what brings them to this cultural organizing work.

Texts & Translation

געשטאַלטן װאָס זוכן תּיקון: העלענאַ פֿראַנק

Figures in Need of Rehabilitation: Helena Frank

Jacob Glatstein

Translation by Aharon Varady

Aharon Varady profiles the first Yiddish-to-English translator, Helena Frank, drawing on archival sources and the translation of a tribute by Jacob Glatstein.


Your Guide to Yiddish and In geveb at the 2023 AJS Conference

The Editors

Check out the panels and presentations involving Yiddish at this year’s Association for Jewish Studies Annual Conference.

In geveb, אין געוועב, is a sub­scrip­tion-free dig­i­tal forum for the pub­li­ca­tion of peer-reviewed aca­d­e­m­ic arti­cles, the trans­la­tion and anno­ta­tion of Yid­dish texts, the exchange of ped­a­gog­i­cal mate­ri­als, and a blog of Yid­dish cul­tur­al life. 

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