A Meeting Place for Two Worlds: An Interview with Piotr Nazaruk and Lublin’s Grodzka Gate Center

Magdalena Kozłowska

Magdalena Kozłowska interviews Piotr Nazaruk about Lublin’s Grodzka Gate Center and the center’s new online exhibit of memory maps from yizkor bikher and oral history interviews.


In eynem’s Communicative Approach to Yiddish Pedagogy: An Interview with Asya Vaisman Schulman

Meyer Weinshel

Meyer Weinshel and Asya Vaisman Schulman speak about developing Vaisman Schulman’s new Yiddish textbook, In eynem, coming from the Yiddish Book Center this summer.


Endangered and Emerging Jewish Languages: An Interview with Sarah Bunin Benor

Marina Mayorski

Marina Mayorski talks with Sarah Bunin Benor about her work recording, preserving, and teaching about Jewish languages.


Moscow’s Yiddish Center: An Interview with Lyubov Lavrova and Olga Vinogradova

Tova Benjamin

Tova Benjamin, Lyubov Lavrova, and Olga Vinogradova discuss Yiddish in Moscow, including the Jewish Museum in Moscow, organizing a leyen krayz, and contemporary Yiddish culture in Moscow.


The State of Yiddish Studies in China

Yitzhak Lewis and Anruo Bao

This piece is offers a broad portrait of the state of Yiddish Studies in China today, including its role in the small but growing field of Jewish Studies in China.


Listening to Sylvia’s Children: A response to Briv funem Arkhiv: Letter from Sylvia Schneiderman to Itche Goldberg

Amye Rubinschneider

Amye Rubinschneider interviews her mother and aunt in response to Josie Naron’s blog post about a letter from their mother, Rubinschneider’s grandmother, a teacher fired during the Red Scare.


The Promise and Peril of Digital Research in Yiddish: An Interview with Gerben Zaagsma

Elena Hoffenberg

Elena Hoffernberg interviews Gerben Zaagsma about his path to studying Yiddish in the Spanish Civil War; the potency and the frustrations of digital research; and the future of digital studies and Yiddish.


Inside the Yiddish Folk Song: An Interview with Mark Slobin

Ari Kelman

Ari Kelman talks with Mark Slobin about Inside the Yiddish Folk Song, a new website project currently under construction, which aims to be an accessible, comprehensive online introduction to the full complexity of the Yiddish folk song tradition.


Confessions of a Yiddish Writer and Other Essays: An Interview with Goldie Morgentaler

Matthew Johnson and Corbin Allardice

Matthew Johnson and Corbin Allardice talk with Goldie Morgentaler, Chava Rosenfarb’s daughter and editor and translator of a recently published collection of Rosenfarb’s essays.


Between Translation and Tradaptation: An Interview with Daniel Kahn, Berlin, January 2017

Marianne Windsperger

Maranne Windsperger interviews punkfolk artist Daniel Kahn about his approaches to transadaptation and translation.