“New York”


Jewish Victims, Jewish Virtue, but Not Much Jewish History: A Review of The Argentinian Prostitute Play

Tova Benjamin

Tova Benjamin reviews The Argentinian Prostitute Play, a new play by Reuven Glezer staged as part of the 2019 Broadway Bound Theatre Festival. 


The Band Community Built: Tsibele at Jalopy Theatre

Noam Green

Noam Green on Tsiblele's radically intimate sounds, and what it means to flag Jewish 


"They Have Their Own Language, Literally": A Review of One of Us

Shayna Weiss

Shayna Weiss reviews One of Us, a Netfix documentary directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady that follows the lives of three ex-Hasidim. 


Yiddish-language Feature Menashe Premieres at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival

Raphael Koenig

Menashe offers an intimate glimpse inside Hasidic Borough Park.