“Yiddish music”


The Bais Yaakov Project: An Interview Between David Shneer, Basya Schechter and Naomi Seidman

David Shneer

An interview with Naomi Seidman, Chancellor Jackman Professor of the Humanities at the University of Toronto, and Basya Schechter, musician and founder of Pharoah’s Daughter, who are working on their compelling project called The Bais Yaakov project.


Yale Strom's Striking Vision: A Review of Shimmering Lights for All Seasons

Zeke Levine

Shimmering Lights by Yale Strom's Broken Consort is joyful listening that cuts through the darkness at any time of year. 


The Shtetl Neukoelln Festival Brings Yiddishland to Berlin

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Klezmer singers and musicians gather in Berlin to make joyous new sound together.


The Band Community Built: Tsibele at Jalopy Theatre

Noam Green

Noam Green on Tsiblele's radically intimate sounds, and what it means to flag Jewish 


“Nothing’s of use to me, except this little song”: Norbert Hirschhorn Reimagines Yiddish Song

Saul Noam Zaritt

A new volume of poetry that re-imagines Yiddish folk song as confession, political protest, and playful soundscape.


Anti-fascist Yiddish Song: Shneer and Eisenberg on Lin Jaldati

Erin Faigin

Lin Jaldati was a secular Dutch Jew who brought Yiddish music to communist East Germany. Now, Jewlia Eisenberg and David Shneer are reviving her music and investigating her revolutionary life. 


"We Should Not Create Enemies": Europe's Refugee Crisis and Yiddish Song

Sonia Gollance

Austrian shepherd Hans Breuer on driving refugees across the border, and getting famous for singing Yiddish songs. 


“Ot azey!”: Litvakus at the Museum at Eldridge Street, November 22, 2015

Ari Greenberg

A Litvakus concert-cum-sociolinguistics-lecture doubles as a revolution you can dance to. 


Teaching Morris Rosenfeld’s “Mayn rue plats”

Madeleine Cohen

Using Morris Rosenfeld's song text to teach literary Yiddish and Yiddish orthography. 


Call for Contributions to Pedagogy Special Sections: Songs and Syllabi

In geveb's pedagogy section puts out two new calls for teaching materials: songs and syllabi.