Let's not wait!: Introducing preschoolers to Yiddish through Leah Hoffman's Alefbeys

Beth Dwoskin

In this piece Beth Dwoskin explains how Leah Hoffman's play about the Yiddish alphabet can be adapted for children's classes today. She presents her English translation of the play alongside a recording of the alefbeys song in English.


Viver com Yiddish/Lebn far yidish: Song and Story Workshops for Children in a Brazilian School

Sonia Kramer and Aline Silveira

In this piece Sonia Kramer and Aline Silveira describe their work with the Rio-de-Janeiro-based group Viver com Yiddish which runs successful Yiddish language and culture workshops for children.


Teaching Yiddish Through Song

Jessica Kirzane


לויט די לערערס | Teachers Weigh In: Yiddish in Holocaust Courses?

Hannah Pollin-Galay

Instructors share their thoughts on teaching with Yiddish in Holocaust Studies contexts. 


Teaching Morris Rosenfeld’s “Mayn rue plats”

Madeleine Cohen

Using Morris Rosenfeld's song text to teach literary Yiddish and Yiddish orthography.