Yiddish in Georgia

Sarah Biskowitz and Lasha Shakulashvili

Sarah Biskowitz speaks with Lasha Shakulashvili about Yiddish in the South Caucusus region and his new role teaching Yiddish at at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU).


An Interview with Simon Starr of YID! on their new album, ZETS!

Rebecca Margolis

ZETS! is the second album of the Melbourne-based band, YID!


Labzik Assembled! Bringing Radical 1930s Yiddish Children’s Literature to the Virtual Stage

Cameron Bernstein

Cameron Bernstein interviews director Jake Krakovsky about his bilingual Yiddish-English puppet film “Labzik: Tales of a Clever Pup” based on short stories by Chaver Paver.


Memorializing the Holocaust in Electronic Music: An Interview with Francisco Dean

Jo Sabath

Jo Sabath talks with Francisco Dean about Dean's Frilingdik Umbazigt: As the Spring Unconquered, an electronic music piece memorializing the Holocaust that he composed and directed with high school student musicians at the Chicago Laboratory School.


Body of Language, Transforming the Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry: An Interview between David Shneer, Rob Adler Peckerar and Alexx Shilling

David Shneer

David Shneer interviews Rob Adler Peckerar and Alexx Shilling about their project to bring embodied artistic interpretation to bear on a linguistic archive. 


The Jew Box: An Interview with Eddy Portnoy

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Sarah Zarrow interviews Eddy Portnoy about Yiddish pedagogy, jokers, and braiding khale.