“language politics”


The Place of German in the History of Jewish Nationalism: Review of German as a Jewish Problem by Marc Volovici

Lea Greenberg

German as a Jewish Language challenges the distinctions made between “Jewish” and “non-Jewish” languages and concurrently emphasizes the permeability between disciplinary boundaries.

Texts & Translation

אַ ביסל קלאָרקייט און פּשטות אין דער שפּראַכן־פֿראַגע

A Bit of Clarity and Simplicity in Regard to the Language Question

Hillel Zeitlin

Translation by Joshua Meyers and Ariel Evan Mayse

Hillel Zeitlin's 1924 article on the language question presenting a novel perspective: the cultivation of both Hebrew and Yiddish is necessary to ensure the continued flourishing of the Jewish people. 


Review of the Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary

Alec (Leyzer) Burko

A comprehensive review of the Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary, including many examples of entries. 

Texts & Translation

מכאן ואילך : פתח־דבר

Mikan Ve’eylakh (From this Point Onward): Foreword

Tal Hever-Chybowski

Translation by Rachel Seelig

In anticipation of its third issue, here is the foreword to issue one of Mikan Ve'eylakh: Journal for Diasporic Hebrew.


Coordinated Movement?: Vladimir Jabotinsky and Polish Jewish Youth

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Sarah Ellen Zarrow on language politics in Jabotinzky's Revisionist Zionism


“Falsche Juden”: A Study of Performative Identities in German Literature

Joela Jacobs

Nike Thurn's recent book explores how Jewishness is performed in German literature. 


Translingualism Today: A Review of Naomi Brenner’s Lingering Bilingualism

Shachar Pinsker and Yaakov Herskovitz

Naomi Brenner's new book complicates the story of the Hebrew-Yiddish "language wars" and argues that Jewish translingualism continues well into the 20th century. 


Bad Jews Making Good TV: An Interview with Yidlife Crisis

Diana Clarke

Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion on language politics in Montreal, Jewish comedy, and making pop culture in Yiddish. 


Fin der redaktsiye: In geveb to Switch to Galitsianer Standard Yiddish

The Editors

After much deliberation, and lobbying from the Peylish Caucus, the In geveb Editorial Board has resolved to use Galitsianer Standard Yiddish going forward.


Vilne? Vilna? Wilno? Vilnius?: Place Names in Yiddish

Ben Sadock, Samuel Spinner and Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Our editorial team discusses/debates our guidelines for translating and transliterating place names from the Yiddish.


Shtisel’s Ghosts: The Politics of Yiddish in Israeli Popular Culture

Shayna Weiss

An Israeli TV show about the Hasidic Shtisel family explores the country's complicated language politics.