Going Off Script: The Contradictory Pleasures of Unorthodox

Roni Masel

Roni Masel proposes a "failed watching" of Netflix's new series Unorthodox that sidesteps questions of authenticity in representation and instead "generates what we could call queer pleasure or OTD pleasure."


Translated and Improved: Yiddish Pop Culture in Israel

Avi Blitz

Yiddish is moving from the outskirts to the center of Israeli pop culture. Avi Blitz asks how that happens. 


Bad Jews Making Good TV: An Interview with Yidlife Crisis

Dade Lemanski

Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion on language politics in Montreal, Jewish comedy, and making pop culture in Yiddish. 


Shtisel’s Ghosts: The Politics of Yiddish in Israeli Popular Culture

Shayna Weiss

An Israeli TV show about the Hasidic Shtisel family explores the country's complicated language politics. 


Yiddish on Transparent: A Talk with Jill Soloway and Micah Fitzerman-Blue

Dade Lemanski and Saul Noam Zaritt

Jill Soloway and Micah Fitzerman-Blue on writing Transparent in Yiddish, whether or not you noticed.