Naming Other Jews: Looking at Yiddish Speakers Through Ladino

Nesi Altaras

How did Ladino speakers refer to newly arrived Ashkenazim in Ottoman cities? Nesi Altaras uses Ladino’s lexicon as an archive to excavate the power dynamics between Jews speaking different languages, particularly the disdain felt by the already established towards the newly arrived.


Endangered and Emerging Jewish Languages: An Interview with Sarah Bunin Benor

Marina Mayorski

Marina Mayorski talks with Sarah Bunin Benor about her work recording, preserving, and teaching about Jewish languages.


Bad Jews Making Good TV: An Interview with Yidlife Crisis

Dade Lemanski

Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion on language politics in Montreal, Jewish comedy, and making pop culture in Yiddish. 


What is the Language of Contemporary Yiddish Scholarship?

Sonia Gollance

At Yiddish academic conferences in Israel, English is often the language of scholarship and conversation. Why?