“yidn in ale lender redn yidish”


On My Own in Omaha: On Learning Yiddish Solo

Max Sparber

The challenges and rewards of learning Yiddish on your own. 


What is the Language of Contemporary Yiddish Scholarship?

Sonia Gollance

At Yiddish academic conferences in Israel, English is often the language of scholarship and conversation. Why? 


Yidish in ale lender! Harvard’s Campaign for Yiddish

Saul Noam Zaritt

Attracting students to Yiddish language courses is often a challenge; here's an example of one teacher's Yiddish ad campaign. 


לויט די לערערס | Teachers Weigh In: The Great Weinreich Debate

Madeleine Cohen

The second installment of our pedagogy forum, presenting the opinions and experiences of Yiddish language teachers on the question of using the textbook College Yiddish.