Special Issues

Special Issue

Translation: Gendered Literary Debates in Yiddish

This Translation special issue of In geveb consists of a collection of primary documents curated and translated by Anita Norich, Faith Jones and David Mazower. It illuminates the stances and strategies accompanying the emergence of women writers in modern Yiddish literature.

Special Issue

Murder, Lust, and Laughter, or, Shund Theater

This special issue of In geveb, edited by Joel Berkowitz, Sonia Gollance, and Nick Underwood, examines shund and its connection to the popular Yiddish theater.

Special Issue

Walking with Vogel

New perspectives on Debora Vogel through poetry, visual art, translation, and scholarship

This special issue invites you to walk with Debora Vogel as she maps the spaces of Jewish life through avant-garde forms. We bring together new perspectives on Vogel through poetry, visual art, translation, and scholarship, all in an attempt to follow the many lines of creative and critical inquiry that emerge from Vogel’s work.

Special Issue

Race in America, af yidish

Translations, articles, and reflections focusing on Yiddish perspectives on race in the United States.

Special Issue

Yiddish and the Transnational in Latin America

A wide array of scholarly articles exploring the interrelation of the national and the transnational in Yiddish cultural production in Latin America.

Special Issue

There’s a Jewish Way of Saying Things

Essays in Honor of David Roskies

A collection of essays in honor of David Roskies reflecting on the resonances between Jewish speech and Jewish texts.

Special Issue

Translation: Poetics, Negotiation, Tradaptation

Poetics, negotiation, and tradaptation are highlighted in this issue as concepts of translation that open up a text’s performative dimension and potential (via and with actors, media, “word material”, enactment). They showcase and scrutinize at the same time the moment of “experience”--the moment when originals, translations, translators, and other actors meet in public and in private, while negotiating between different forms of expectations.

Special Issue

Religious Thought in Yiddish

Articles, translations, resources

This special issue of In geveb, edited by Ariel Evan Mayse, Naomi Seidman, Marc Caplan, and Daniel Reiser, explores a range of theological, philosophical, and other religious themes as presented in a wide variety of Yiddish writings.

Special Issue

The Milgroym Project

Translation, articles, and commentary

An ongoing series of translations from and scholarly and popular commentary about the spectacular interwar Yiddish literary and art journal, Milgroym.