Review of Samuel J. Spinner's Jewish Primitivism

Jeffrey A. Grossman

With his elegant new study, Jewish Primitivism, Samuel J. Spinner offers a new approach to the relationship between German and East European Jewish culture while also considering to what degree and in which ways differences among Jewish cultures reflect differences and interactions with the non-Jewish culture(s) around them.


Yidish in ale lender! Harvard’s Campaign for Yiddish

Saul Noam Zaritt

Attracting students to Yiddish language courses is often a challenge; here's an example of one teacher's Yiddish ad campaign. 


Yiddish and the Holocaust

Alan Rosen

It seems obvious that study of the Holocaust would need to highlight Yiddish. Unfortunately though, the study of the Holocaust has often been pursued without the slightest nod to Yiddish. What is lost when Yiddish is left out?