“Hasidic Yiddish”


Hasidic Songs about Coronavirus: A Wonderful Voice of Renewal / חסידישע קאראנע-לידער א וואונדערליכע שטימע פון חידוש

Eli Benedict

The phenomenon of Corona songs in the frum world shows us that something quite new is happening with regard to Hasidic music.


Seizing the Means of Cultural Production: Hasidic Representation in Contemporary Yiddish Media

Rose Waldman

Literary production in Yiddish is booming, but because most of it is coming from Hasidic communities, scholars often overlook it. 


"They Have Their Own Language, Literally": A Review of One of Us

Shayna Weiss

Shayna Weiss reviews One of Us, a Netfix documentary directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady that follows the lives of three ex-Hasidim. 


Yiddish-language Feature Menashe Premieres at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival

Raphael Koenig

Menashe offers an intimate glimpse inside Hasidic Borough Park.