Birnbaum and the Distortions of Polemic

Ben Sadock

A review of the new edition of S. A. Birnbaum's Yiddish: A Survey and a Grammar


The State of Yiddish Studies in Japanese Universities

Yuu Nishimura

Yuu Nishimura discusses the current state of Yiddish Studies in Japanese universities as well as her own resesarch and a workshop she organized at the universities of Kyoto and Tokyo on “Yiddishism and the Creation of the Yiddish Nation.”


Yiddishist Myths, and the Myth Yiddish Studies Can’t Live Without

Kenneth Moss

A report from a November conference in Warsaw "Yiddishism: Mythologies and Iconographies."


Smitten in Yiddish: Taytsh and Your Love Life

Sandra Fox

In geveb's readers were asked about how Yiddish is part of their love lives. Click here to read their answers.

Text & Translation

ייִדן און ייִדיש

Essays on Yiddishism

Nokhem Shtif

Translation by Maurice Wolfthal

Best known for his call to found a university-level institution devoted to Ashkenazic culture, which helped to lead to the founding of YIVO, Nokhem Shtif develops his arguments for Yiddishism in these excerpts from his 1920 work, "Yiddish and the Jews."