A Yiddish Newspaper at War with Yiddish: Abraham Cahan and the 1931 Language Debate in the New York Forverts

Gennady Estraikh

This article describes the paradox of the negative attitude articulated by the Yiddish Forverts toward using Yiddish as the educational medium of instruction in American Jewish schools. 

Texts & Translation

An Excerpt from Vetinok Lelamdo Sefer

Katle Kanye

Translation by Daniel A. Kipnis

An excerpt about hasidic yeshiva education and secular studies from Katle Kanye's Vetinok Lelamdo Sefer.


Reading as the Shaping Force of Life: Debora Vogel’s Contributions to Education

Anna Maja Misiak

Translation by Matthew Johnson

The writer and educator Debora Vogel contended with questions raised by avant-garde art in the 1920s and 1930s and, throughout her writings, repeated the following question as a leitmotiv: What does “life” mean and which forms does it assume? This article considers how Vogel engaged with these questions about form in various essays and in her educational work at the Jewish orphanage at Zborowska 8 in Lwów.


The Bais Yaakov Project: An Interview Between David Shneer, Basya Schechter and Naomi Seidman

David Shneer

An interview with Naomi Seidman, Chancellor Jackman Professor of the Humanities at the University of Toronto, and Basya Schechter, musician and founder of Pharoah’s Daughter, who are working on their compelling project called The Bais Yaakov project.