Matthew Johnson

University of Chicago

Matthew Johnson is a PhD candidate in Germanic Studies at the University of Chicago. He previously studied at New York University and at the Freie Universität Berlin, and completed internships at the Leo Baeck Institute in New York and at the Archive of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. His research and teaching interests include German- and Yiddish language literature in the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries; German-Jewish studies; translation theory and practice; and memory studies. He is currently working on his dissertation, titled "Faltering Language: German-Yiddish Literature after 1900." In 2019/20, he is the Fulbright_IFK Junior Fellow at the Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften in Vienna and a member of the Posen Society of Fellows.



Reading as the Shaping Force of Life: Debora Vogel’s Contributions to Education

Anna Maja Misiak

Translation by Matthew Johnson

The writer and educator Debora Vogel contended with questions raised by avant-garde art in the 1920s and 1930s and, throughout her writings, repeated the following question as a leitmotiv: What does “life” mean and which forms does it assume? This article considers how Vogel engaged with these questions about form in various essays and in her educational work at the Jewish orphanage at Zborowska 8 in Lwów.


Confessions of a Yiddish Writer and Other Essays: An Interview with Goldie Morgentaler

Matthew Johnson and Corbin Allardice

Matthew Johnson and Corbin Allardice talk with Goldie Morgentaler, Chava Rosenfarb’s daughter and editor and translator of a recently published collection of Rosenfarb’s essays. 


Miriam Udel’s Never Better! The Modern Jewish Picaresque

Matthew Johnson

Miriam Udel’s new book travels with the genre of the picaresque from the shtetl to the USA to the USSR and brings it into the twentieth century.