Miriam Udel’s Never Better! The Modern Jewish Picaresque

Matthew Johnson

Miriam Udel's new book travels with the genre of the picaresque from the shtetl to the USA to the USSR and brings it into the twentieth century.


"Are We Normal?": Mail from Isaac Bashevis Singer's Fans

Danielle Winter

A librarian discovers that Isaac Bashevis Singer's fans wrote letters as compelling as the novels they loved. 


Rebellion and Creativity: Contextualizing Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “Author’s Note” to The Penitent

David Stromberg

Bashevis Singer comments on his narrator commenting on his characters—and David Stromberg untangles the polyphony of the Nobel Prize winner's fictional world.


A Staring Contest in the Hall of Mirrors: Isaac Bashevis Singer

Eitan Kensky

In a pair of short stories, Isaac Bashevis Singer imagines two characters suffering from writer's block, and the opposing ways in which their problem manifests. 

Texts & Translation

Indecent Language, Sex, and Censorship in Literature

Isaac Bashevis Singer

Translation by Mirra Ginsburg and B. Chertoff

Edited by David Stromberg

Previously unpublished translations of two essays by Bashevis on censorship of literature, presented in a new edited version by David Stromberg. 


The Real First Translation of Bashevis into English!

Faith Jones

Think you know when Bashevis was first translated into English? Think again!