“Sholem Aleichem”


Playlisticle: Yiddish Orality in an Age of Digital Reproduction

David G. Roskies

A playlisticle of Yiddish speech acts available in digital formats.


לויט די לערערס | Teachers Weigh In: Teaching with Sholem Aleichem

Jessica Kirzane

Instructors share their thoughts on teaching with Sholem Aleichem.


Sholem Aleichem's Digital Turn

Madeleine Cohen and Diana Clarke

An interview with Jeremy Dauber about the new website SholemAleichem.org


Miriam Udel’s Never Better! The Modern Jewish Picaresque

Matthew Johnson

Miriam Udel's new book travels with the genre of the picaresque from the shtetl to the USA to the USSR and brings it into the twentieth century.


How to Pick the Jewish Resort Town for You

The Editors

Where will you sip mineral water among the Yiddish literary elite?

Text & Translation

ביאַליקס שיך

Bialik's Shoes

Sholem Aleichem

Translation by Daniel Kennedy

If Ḥayyim Naḥman Bialik had left his slippers in your house, would you give them back? Read how Sholem Aleichem handled this problem.


Digital Futures: The Great Hope of Yiddish OCR

Saul Noam Zaritt

Refoyl Finkel talks to In geveb about making digitized Yiddish texts searchable.