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Der Tunkeler

Translation by Ri J. Turner

A humoristic monologue from Der Tunkeler about Yiddishism.


New Yiddish Productions on Broadway

We're restoring some Broadway musicals to their intended Yiddish originals.


A Bintl Blitz-Briv

Worthy, Esteemed Editors

Announcing our new advice column. 


Announcing: Breytbord Nayes

The Editors

All the news that isn't fit for anyone to read, ever. 


Introducing YiddishSpa! A New Yiddish Program for Summer 2017

Dory Fox

In geveb announces the opening of a new summer sanatorium, for Yiddishists looking to improve their language skills while taking the cure.


Yiddish Overtakes English as Most Widely Taught Language in the World

Breaking fake news! Yiddish most taught language in world. 

Texts & Translation

Yiddish Literature 100% Translated

Breaking News: Stop Translating! 


Miriam Udel’s Never Better! The Modern Jewish Picaresque

Matthew Johnson

Miriam Udel's new book travels with the genre of the picaresque from the shtetl to the USA to the USSR and brings it into the twentieth century.


The Jew Box: An Interview with Eddy Portnoy

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Sarah Zarrow interviews Eddy Portnoy about Yiddish pedagogy, jokers, and braiding khale.


Bernie Sanders redt af yidish

The Editors

Bernie Sanders, Democratic forerunner, speaks out on behalf of Yiddish underdogs.