Introducing YiddishSpa! A New Yiddish Program for Summer 2017

Dory Fox

In geveb is pleased to announce a new Yiddish program for summer 2017: YiddishSpa!

Do you want to live in an immersive Yiddish environment, improve your language skills, and breathe fresh Upstate New York air? Do you also want to have toilet paper, feather beds, and a semi-private balcony? Are you comfortable with decadence and dedicated to fostering bourgeois cosmopolitanism? Are you wary about religious programming, physical labor that would help you re-claim your masculinity, or weird sex stuff? 1 1 Actually, no guarantees about that one—it’s a sanitorium! What else is there but weird sex stuff to be negotiated in the time between first and second breakfasts?? Do you like seltzer? Then YiddishSpa just might be for you!

No previous Yiddish experience required; respiratory conditions preferred, but also not required.

Price: $2,000/week. Scholarships are available. Work-study options include in-library text digitization, leading walking-cure outings, and tutoring (in Classics/calisthenics/Russian/chumesh) for daughters of wealthy Spa visitors (availability limited).

Daily program includes: Five (required) gourmet, macrobiotic meals; 2 2 Kosher option available, but may hamper your social prospects. daily instruction in Yiddish grammar, song, and literature; theater performances and workshops; a fiction-writing workshop (only for multi-volume novels set in the spa); private dance instruction with young Patrick Swayze; supervised rest cure; independent rest cure; letter-writing to your elected representatives.

YiddishSpa will launch with a soft opening in the summer of 2017. Ultimately we aim to be a year-round, fully-functioning, all-Yiddish sanitorium. 3 3 Based on our assumption that even if you register for our 5-week summer program, you will remain at YiddishSpa many months beyond your intended stay.

An addendum to our Yiddish Summer Programs Roundup 2017: Yiddish in ale lender!

אַ פֿריילעכן פּורים, לייענערס!

A freylekhn purim, leyeners!

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Dory Fox

Dory Fox is a PhD Candidate in the department of English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan.