The Continent: Thoughts Toward the Space of Contemporary Yiddishism

Tamara Gleason Freidberg and Arturo Kerbel

Editing collected volumes of Yiddish writing during WWII, Melekh Ravitsh and Moyshe Rosenberg imagined a forum for the exchange of information, research, and ideas with the goal of developing strong ties between Jewish communities throughout the American continents.

Texts & Translation

דער רבי ר' בעריש בעל־תּשובֿה פֿון קראָקע

The Rebbe R. Berish Bal-tshuve of Krakow

Meir Bałaban

Translation by Avinoam J. Stillman

1931 newspaper article by the Polish Jewish historian Meir Bałaban concerning the curious Hasidic figure known as Berish Bal-tshuve


Seizing the Means of Cultural Production: Hasidic Representation in Contemporary Yiddish Media

Rose Waldman

Literary production in Yiddish is booming, but because most of it is coming from Hasidic communities, scholars often overlook it. 


A Bintl Blitz-Briv

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