Review of Lisa Richter’s Nautilus and Bone; An Auto/biography in Poems

Maia Evrona

As a reader of Margolin’s poetry in its original Yiddish, and a translator of her work into English, I approached this collection with both interest and skepticism.


Chaim Grade: Facts of a Life

Susanne Klingenstein and Yehudah DovBer Zirkind

This essay offers the first fruits of laborious research in Grade’s papers, which were were jointly acquired by the National Library of Israel and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York in 2013.


Review of The Rise of the Modern Yiddish Stage by Alyssa Quint

Debra Caplan

The Rise of the Modern Yiddish Stage is a monumental work that tells the story of Avrom Goldfaden, Yiddish theater's most central, confounding, and enigmatic figure while also situating it in the context of Yiddish theater’s initial development. 

Texts & Translation

דער רבי ר' בעריש בעל־תּשובֿה פֿון קראָקע

The Rebbe R. Berish Bal-tshuve of Krakow

Meir Bałaban

Translation by Avinoam J. Stillman

1931 newspaper article by the Polish Jewish historian Meir Bałaban concerning the curious Hasidic figure known as Berish Bal-tshuve


“The Worst Good Idea Ever”? The Birobidzhan Project and Soviet Jewish Culture

Natalie Belsky

Masha Gessen's new book explores the history of the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidzhan through the story of David Bergelson and Simon Dubnow, whose thought and writing influenced its development.


Niemandssprache: A Biography of Itzik Manger

Jenna Ingalls

A review of Efrat Gal-Ed's new biography of Itzik Manger.