Moshe Rabbenu Splits the Atom: Writers of the Forverts React to the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Nadav Pais-Greenapple

A dive into the pages of historical Yiddish newspapers from the dawn of the nuclear age


Resources for Teaching about Israel/Palestine

Jessica Kirzane and Shachar Pinsker

As the war in Israel/Palestine continues to unfold, we aim to support our readers, many of whom are teachers and students of Yiddish, as they look for ways to learn about and discuss these events in mame-loshn.


A Conversation on Yiddish Studies, Jewish Studies, and Ukraine

Amelia Glaser and Jeffrey Veidlinger

Amelia Glaser and Jeffrey Veidlinger have been engaged with sharing their expertise - literary and historical - about Jewish histories of Ukraine. We asked them what they have to say about the war in Ukraine to the Yiddish studies scholars, students, and community of In geveb.