Briv funem arkhiv: A Long-Lost Letter from the Author’s Great-Grandfather to Moishe Nadir

Sam Glauber-Zimra

A letter from a devoted reader to Moyshe Nadir, detailing the personal struggles and ideological misgivings of a disillusioned Communist.


Anti-fascist Yiddish Song: Shneer and Eisenberg on Lin Jaldati

Erin Faigin

Lin Jaldati was a secular Dutch Jew who brought Yiddish music to communist East Germany. Now, Jewlia Eisenberg and David Shneer are reviving her music and investigating her revolutionary life. 


"We Should Not Create Enemies": Europe's Refugee Crisis and Yiddish Song

Sonia Gollance

Austrian shepherd Hans Breuer on driving refugees across the border, and getting famous for singing Yiddish songs.