“We Collected Everything”: An Interview with Frieda Johles Forman

Julie Sharff

An interview with a pioneering Yiddish feminist translator.


Toward Hopeful Skies: A Benefit Volume to Support Ukrainian Relief

The Editors

This August, Naydus Press published Toward Hopeful Skies, a trilingual (Yiddish, Ukrainian, English) volume of two works of children's poetry, as a benefit volume to support the refugee resettlement agency HIAS's work with refugees from Ukraine.


In Edenia, a City of the Future

Yevgeniy Fiks

Yevgeniy Fiks and Larissa Babji invited artists to engage with Kalman Zingman’s 1918 Yiddish-language utopian novella In der tsukunft-shtot edenia (In Edenia, a City of the Future), published in Kharkiv, Ukraine. They displayed the results in an exhibition at Yermilov Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine in June 2017. Here they discuss the novel, the process that led to the exhibition, and the political and social realities that their project sought to address.


Stealing the Border: A Reflection on Teaching Yiddish Borderlands Literature

Anna Elena Torres

Anna Elena Torres shares her reflections about, and syllabus for, the course “Yiddish Poetics of the Border.” 


"We Should Not Create Enemies": Europe's Refugee Crisis and Yiddish Song

Sonia Gollance

Austrian shepherd Hans Breuer on driving refugees across the border, and getting famous for singing Yiddish songs.