Beyond Fiddler: Teaching Representations of Jewish Eastern Europe on Film

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Sarah Zarrow discusses and reflects on her course "Representing Jewish Eastern Europe in Film" in which she asks students to think historically about the images of Jewish life in Eastern Europe, using films as primary sources that speak not only to a historical reality of their subject matter, but that also to the ideology and historical circumstances of the filmmaker and of Jewish life in the time and place the film was made.


Using Yiddish to Teach About German Antisemitism

Sonia Gollance

Nineteenth-century German attitudes toward Jewish speech are a powerful way to understand the pervasiveness and normalization of antisemitism in German society even at a time when genocide was unthinkable. 


Stealing the Border: A Reflection on Teaching Yiddish Borderlands Literature

Anna Elena Torres

Anna Elena Torres shares her reflections about, and syllabus for, the course “Yiddish Poetics of the Border.”