REESOURCES: Rethinking Eastern Europe - Revolutionizing the Field with Primary Sources

Vladyslava Moskalets

This platform for primary source materials, syllabi, modules, online courses, and reflections gives instructors of East European history the tools to address paradigmatic changes in the field in their teaching.


Diary of a Yiddish Teacher During Conferences

Tanya Yakovleva

What more can I do for my country, now so badly in need of support, except for teaching minority languages and Slavic-Jewish literature of Ukraine?


A Conversation at ASEEES: Teaching Yiddish during the War in Ukraine

Tanya Yakovleva, Sara Feldman, Oksana Sikorska and Jessica Kirzane

At the 2022 Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) conference this fall, a group of Yiddish instructors came together to discuss the particular challenges of teaching Yiddish language during the war in Ukraine.


Toward Hopeful Skies: A Benefit Volume to Support Ukrainian Relief

The Editors

This August, Naydus Press published Toward Hopeful Skies, a trilingual (Yiddish, Ukrainian, English) volume of two works of children's poetry, as a benefit volume to support the refugee resettlement agency HIAS's work with refugees from Ukraine.


A Conversation on Yiddish Studies, Jewish Studies, and Ukraine

Amelia Glaser and Jeffrey Veidlinger

Amelia Glaser and Jeffrey Veidlinger have been engaged with sharing their expertise - literary and historical - about Jewish histories of Ukraine. We asked them what they have to say about the war in Ukraine to the Yiddish studies scholars, students, and community of In geveb.


Diary of a Yiddish Teacher During the War

Tanya Yakovleva

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops began bombing Yakovleva's Ukrainian, Russian-speaking hometown, Kharkiv. Nevertheless, she continued teaching Yiddish in Morbegno, Italy.

Texts & Translation

Selected Poems by Osher Shvartsman

Osher Shvartsman

Translation by Joshua Price

A selection of Osher Shvartsman's poems translated into English by Josh Price. 

Texts & Translation

Selections from Yidishe dikhterins

Dina Libkes and Hinde Roytblat

Translation by Reyzl Grace MoChridhe

Reyzl Grace MoChridhe translates three poems by Hinde Roytblat and Dina Libkes, two Yiddish authors with Kyiv connections, selected from Ezra Korman's Yidishe dikhterins anthology (1928).


Resources for Teaching about Ukraine

The Editors

This listicle provides teachers with ideas for texts and music they may want to share with their students during the Russian war in Ukraine.

Texts & Translation

Lwowska Juderia

Lwów’s Jewish Quarter

Debora Vogel

Translation by Jordan Lee Schnee

Debora Vogel’s 1935 essay, Lwowska Juderia, gives us a valuable snapshot of Lwów’s Jewish streets with an eye to the modern.


Long Lunches at Cafe Jerusalem

Guy Tabachnick and Emma Claire Foley

A delicious dispatch from the outskirts of Lviv. 

Texts & Translation

פּאָגראָמען אין אוקראַיִנע : די צײַט פֿון דער פֿרײַװיליקער אַרמײ

The Pogroms in Ukraine: the Period of the Volunteer Army

Nokhem Shtif

Translation by Maurice Wolfthal

Excepts from Nokhem Shtif's accounts of pogroms in Ukraine during the Russian Civil War. 


Jews in the Archives: A Conversation with Gennady Estraikh

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Gennady Estraikh speaks with Managing Editor Sarah Ellen Zarrow about the groundbreaking project “A Comprehensive History of the Jews of the Soviet Union,” a seven-year initiative led by researchers in NYU’s Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies.