“Women in Translation”


New Resources for Studying Jewish Women's Lives in Early Modern Europe

Marion Aptroot

Two new publications offer rich and engaging material for the further exploration of Jewish life in early modern Europe.


Teaching Guide to Kadya Molodovsky's A Jewish Refugee in New York trans. Anita Norich

Lizy Mostowski

A teaching guide for Kadya Molodovsky's A Jewish Refugee in New York (trans. Anita Norich) in the context of refugee literatures.


Sewn with the Tiniest of Pearls

Jessica Kirzane

Murphy’s translations of Perl’s stories allow us to appreciate an ever more colorful canvas of modern Yiddish literature.

Texts & Translation

צוויי לידער

Two Poems

Miryam Ulinover

Translation by Mindy Liberman

Two poems by Miryam Ulinover, translated by Mindy Liberman.


Dora Schulner's Last Notebook

Nicholas Heskes

Heskes explores the contents of a slim, blue-leathered notebook he found in his parents' garage. The notebook belonged to his grandmother’s mother, the Yiddish writer Dora Schulner.

Texts & Translation

דרײַ לידער

Three Poems

Sarah Reisen

Translation by Eli Jany

Three poems by Sarah Reisen. 


Translating and Teaching Yiddish Prose by Women

Anita Norich

It is time to stop lamenting the paucity of available Yiddish prose works by women and, instead, to translate more and to use the wealth of material that is already available.

Texts & Translation



Chana Blankshteyn

Translation by Anita Norich

A Short story from author, editor and activist Chana Blankshteyn.


Confessions of a Yiddish Writer and Other Essays: An Interview with Goldie Morgentaler

Matthew Johnson and Corbin Allardice

Matthew Johnson and Corbin Allardice talk with Goldie Morgentaler, Chava Rosenfarb’s daughter and editor and translator of a recently published collection of Rosenfarb's essays. 


Northern Voices: New Yiddish Song in Sweden

Jewlia Eisenberg

Eisenberg reviews Shtoltse Lider, a multimedia stage show, with songs in Yiddish and English, and explanations and evocations in Swedish, from Swedish duo Ida and Louise. 

Texts & Translation

צוויי לידער

Two Poems

Celia Dropkin

Translation by Shoshana Olidort

Two poems by Celia Dropkin 

Texts & Translation

דער טױער־מאָטיװ אין דער בוך־קונסט

The Motif of the Porch

Rachel Wischnitzer

Translation by Rachelle Grossman and Saul Noam Zaritt

Milgroym editor Rachel Wischnitzer's essay on illustrated Hebrew manuscripts

Texts & Translation



Malka Lee

Translation by Maia Evrona

A new translation of Malka Lee's "Baleydikt" from her 1932 collection Lider.


Die Geometrie des Verzichts: Deborah Vogel's poetry, essays, and letters in a new German translation and compilation

Anastasiya Lyubas

This volume, edited and translated by Anna Maja Misiak, is the first edition of Debora Vogel’s work in any language to include all of her prose and poetry.

Texts & Translation

אַ טאַנץ

A Dance

Fradel Shtok

Translation by Sonia Gollance

A sweatshop worker finds temporary respite from reality at a relative's wedding.


Teaching Guide for Blume Lempel's "The Debt" (trans Cassedy and Taub)

Jennifer Kronovet

The third in a series of teaching guides, this one for Ellen Cassedy and Yermiyahu Taub's translation of Blume Lempel's story "The Debt."


Nothing Backwards about the Forward's New Anthology

Eileen Pollack

The new anthology of stories published in The Forward has more than a few gems, Eileen Pollack reviews. 

Texts & Translation

"איר שמייכל", "אַ מענטש"

"Her Smile" and "A Man"

Anna Margolin

Translation by Joseph Kary

New translations of two poems from Anna Margolin's lider.

Texts & Translation

דער חובֿ

The Debt

Blume Lempel

Translation by Ellen Cassedy and Yermiyahu Ahron Taub

An exclusive extract from Oedipus in Brooklyn and Other Stories by Blume Lempel.