Jewish Autobiographies in Polish Translation: An Interview with Joanna Degler

Agnieszka Ilwicka and Joanna Degler

A interview discussing a project to publish critical editions, in Polish, of 25 of the most important memoirs culled from a larger collection of historical Polish Jewish memoirs and autobiographical sources.


"I salvage the shards": an interview with Polish poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski

Jessica Kirzane and Grzegorz Kwiatkowski

An interview with Polish poet and musician Grzegorz Kwiatkowski.


Review of: Benny Mer, Smocza: A Biography of a Jewish Street in Warsaw

Meirav Reuveny

The history of Smocza, a Jewish Street in Warsaw, is not the story of the world-renowned figures, but rather of every person who ever lived or died there, including those who are lost to our collective memory.


Women’s Voices from Yiddish to Polish

Aleksandra Kremer

Kremer reviews two new volumes dealing with Yiddish poetry, both published in Poland in 2018, which focus on the work of women poets. 


Yiddishist Myths, and the Myth Yiddish Studies Can’t Live Without

Kenneth Moss

A report from a November conference in Warsaw "Yiddishism: Mythologies and Iconographies."


לויט די לייענערס | Readers Respond: Moyshe Stavsky

Madeleine Cohen

Readers write in to tell us about the Hebrew-Yiddish writer who was also Anna Margolin's first husband.