David Mazower

Yiddish Book Center

David Mazower is the Editorial Director and Bibliographer at the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts. He is responsible for the Book Center’s holdings of hundreds of thousands of Yiddish books and related collections, is a co-editor and frequent contributor to its journal, Pakn Treger, and is co-developing a major new core exhibition for the Center on modern Yiddish culture. Previously, he was an award-winning senior staff journalist and program editor with BBC News, working on daily news shows including Newshour and World Have Your Say. Mazower is a founder-member and regular contributor to the Digital Yiddish Theater Project, and is writing a biography of the Yiddish actress Fanny Epstein. He is the author of Yiddish Theatre in London, and has published dozens of articles on Yiddish culture, Jewish art, and British Jewish immigrant history. David is also a great-grandson of the Yiddish writer Sholem Asch. He has given many public presentations about Asch, is closely involved with the biennial Szalom Asz Festival of Jewish Culture in Kutno, Poland, and contributed the introductory chapter to the Yale University volume Sholem Asch Rediscovered (2003).

Image courtesy of the Yiddish Book Center; photograph by Michael Grinley.



Briv funem Arkhiv: Letter from Itzik Manger to Sholem Asch

David Mazower

Is there a more extraordinary and self-lacerating letter in all of Yiddish literature than this airmail from its most beloved poet to its most celebrated novelist?