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צו מײַן ברודער אַבֿרהם רײַזען

To My Brother Avrom Reisen

Sarah Reisen

Translation by Faith Jones, Anita Norich and David Mazower


Sarah Reisen (18851974) was born in Belarus into a high­ly lit­er­ary fam­i­ly. Her father and two broth­ers were also writ­ers. She began pub­lish­ing her work at the age of sev­en­teen. Reisen wrote poems and plays, trans­lat­ed Russ­ian clas­sics, and adapt­ed works by Wilde and Defoe for use in Yid­dish schools. She arrived in the Unit­ed States in 1933, and died in New York. Although she was pro­lif­ic, Reisen failed to gar­ner the fame of her broth­ers, par­tic­u­lar­ly her elder broth­er Avrom, to whom the poem below is addressed.

This piece appeared as Tsu mayn brud­er Avrom Reisen,” in Lid­er, Vil­na, 1924, p.3. It was trans­lat­ed by Faith Jones with Ani­ta Norich and David Mazower.

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My poems are as rich
as yours are in tone—
But believe me, my brother,
they are my own.
Out of torment
was born my verse:
Though by the same mother
We both were nursed.

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Sarah Reisen. “To My Brother Avrom Reisen.” Translated by Faith Jones, Anita Norich, and David Mazower. In geveb (December 2023): Accessed Mar 04, 2024.


Sarah Reisen


Faith Jones

Faith Jones is a librarian and translator in Vancouver, Canada.

Anita Norich

Anita Norich is Tikva Frymer-Kensky Collegiate Professor Emerita of English and Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan.

David Mazower

David Mazower is chief curator and writer of Yiddish: A Global Culture, the major new permanent exhibition at the Yiddish Book Center, where he is Research Bibliographer and Editorial Director.