“Queer yidishkeyt”


Feminist Dybbuks in Melbourne: Possession, Desire and Voice

Nicola Menser Hearn

In August 2018, Australian theatre maker and director Samara Hersch, along with Chamber Made, a company operating at the ‘nexus of contemporary performance, music and sound’, presented Dybbuks – a production in three acts exploring ideas of possession; of women being with the dead; of desire, ritual, and voice. Here, Nicola Menser Hearn reviews the production and discusses it with Hersch.


Sitra Achra: Shterna Goldbloom on the Ones Who Don't Follow

Diana Clarke

Shterna Goldbloom discusses photography, community, and memory. Her saturated, colorful work centers the liminal places where the holy and the marginal come together. 


לויט די לייענערס | Readers Respond: LGBTQ Vocabulary

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Readers weigh in on "How Do You Say 'Parents' in Yiddish?," offering their own vocabulary suggestion and asking further important questions. 


Notes on Teaching Yiddish Literature and Critical Theory

Anna Elena Torres

Anna Elena Torres shares her reflections about, and syllabus for, the course "Gender and the Body in Yiddish Literature." 


Embracing the Multiple: A Conversation with Zohar Weiman-Kelman

Temim Fruchter

Zohar Weiman-Kelman on the intersections of Yiddish, translation, and the erotic. 


How Do You Say "Parents" in Yiddish?

Vardit Lightstone

Vardit Lightstone shares an LGBTQ-inclusive vocabulary worksheet, along with a reflection on its creation.