Review of Montage: Works by Debora Vogel, trans. Lyubas

Golda van der Meer

This small hardcover book is a perfect gem for those who want to introduce themselves to Vogel’s poetry.


Report from a Conference: "The Avant-Garde in Yiddish Culture: The 100th Anniversary of Khalyastre", June 14-15, 2022

Noa Tsaushu

The multifaceted phenomenon of the Yiddish avant-garde holds a borderline mythic status among scholars—a short lived, often contradictory utopian project many of whose protagonists tragically perished.


Walking with Vogel: New Perspectives on Debora Vogel

Anna Elena Torres, Kathryn Hellerstein and Anastasiya Lyubas

This special issue invites you to walk with Debora Vogel as she maps the spaces of Jewish life through avant-garde forms. We bring together new perspectives on Vogel through poetry, visual art, translation, and scholarship, all in an attempt to follow the many lines of creative and critical inquiry that emerge from Vogel’s work.

Click here for a pdf of this article.


The Scholar and the Bookmaker: On Encountering the Material Side of Things

Barbara Mann

Mann discusses the knowledge she gained through a hands-on encounter with the materials of print while creating her artist’s book “Things/Zachen/Devarim.

Special Issue

The Milgroym Project

Translation, articles, and commentary

An ongoing series of translations from and scholarly and popular commentary about the spectacular interwar Yiddish literary and art journal, Milgroym.


Avant-garde Journals in geveb: A Manifesto for Yiddish Cybernetics, Part 1

Raphael Koenig and The Editors

Announcing a hybrid avant-garde academic project linking the early 20th century with the early 21st.