Yiddish Trash: An Interview with Saul Noam Zaritt

Jessica Kirzane

Shund.org launched in beta mode on August 9, 2023.


Reflecting and Inflecting Across the Young Yiddish Landscape: The 2022 Steiner Summer Yiddish Program and Our Age of Connection

Tyler Kliem

What does it mean, now, to be a young person learning Yiddish in the digital age — the twenty-first-century world?


The Scholar and the Bookmaker: On Encountering the Material Side of Things

Barbara Mann

Mann discusses the knowledge she gained through a hands-on encounter with the materials of print while creating her artist’s book “Things/Zachen/Devarim.


Online Yiddish Language Instruction: A Conversation

The Editors

A conversation between language instructors who teach and think about online courses, answering a series of questions that we posed in order to reflect on the state of online Yiddish language learning. 


Avant-garde Journals in geveb: A Manifesto for Yiddish Cybernetics, Part 1

Raphael Koenig and The Editors

Announcing a hybrid avant-garde academic project linking the early 20th century with the early 21st. 


Digital Futures: The Great Hope of Yiddish OCR

Saul Noam Zaritt

Refoyl Finkel talks to In geveb about making digitized Yiddish texts searchable.