Review of Rebecca Margolis's Yiddish Lives On: Strategies of Language Transmission

Miriam Borden

Rebecca Margolis' Yidish Lebt: Yiddish Lives On: Strategies of Language Transmission explores how a diverse range of native, heritage, and new speakers have ensured not only the continuity of a minority language widely thought to be endangered, but evolved Yiddish into a site of creative renewal in the Jewish world.


FENTSTER: A Window Gallery Exploring the Jewish Experience through Artists' Eyes

Avia Moore

An interview with Canadian producer, curator, and writer, Evelyn Tauben, about her founding of FENTSTER, a window gallery in Toronto that explores the Jewish experience through dozens of artists' eyes

Texts & Translation

װינטער פֿאַרנאַכט

Soir d’hiver

Émile Nelligan

Translation by Sebastian Schulman

Sebastian Schulman invites readers to engage with francophone Québec through a translation of Émile Nelligan’s "Soir d'hiver."


Feminism, Creativity and Translation: Chava Rosenfarb Translates Jewish-Canadian Women Writers into Yiddish

Goldie Morgentaler

Goldie Morgentaler reflects on why her mother, the novelist Chava Rosenfarb, might have chosen to translate the work of two other Jewish Canadian women writers — her friends Miriam Waddington and Adele Wiseman, who both wrote in English — into Yiddish.

Texts & Translation

Chava Rosenfarb’s Translations into Yiddish of Two English-Language Jewish-Canadian Writers

Miriam Waddington and Adele Wiseman

Translation by Chava Rosenfarb

Edited by Goldie Morgentaler and Ruth Panofsky

Newly-discovered Yiddish translations by Chava Rosenfarb of two Jewish-Canadian authors. 


Confessions of a Yiddish Writer and Other Essays: An Interview with Goldie Morgentaler

Matthew Johnson and Corbin Allardice

Matthew Johnson and Corbin Allardice talk with Goldie Morgentaler, Chava Rosenfarb’s daughter and editor and translator of a recently published collection of Rosenfarb's essays.