Rachelle Grossman

Harvard University

Rachelle Grossman is a doctoral candidate in comparative literature at Harvard University. Her research is concerned with the transformation of Yiddish literature in the postwar era, with a particular focus on the activities of Yiddish presses in Poland and Argentina. She holds a Master’s in Jewish Education and a Bachelor’s in Modern Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary as well as a Bachelor’s in Comparative Literature from Columbia University.



Review of Una historia del libro judío by Alejandro Dujovne

Rachelle Grossman

Tracing the development of editorial Jewish presses in Argentina from their infancy in 1910 through their postwar decline in the mid-1960s and 1970s, Dujovne uses book history as a lens to tell the story of Ashkenazi Jews in Argentina.


Briv funem Arkhiv: A Haphazard Yiddish Invoice from the Musterverk Series

Rachelle Grossman

Rachelle Grossman digs up a revealing clerical mix-up in the distribution of Shmuel Rollansky’s 100-volume Musterverk series — a moment both funny and tragic at the end of the series’ long run.

Texts & Translation

דער טױער־מאָטיװ אין דער בוך־קונסט

The Motif of the Porch

Rachel Wischnitzer

Translation by Rachelle Grossman and Saul Noam Zaritt

Milgroym editor Rachel Wischnitzer’s essay on illustrated Hebrew manuscripts


The Latest in Yiddish Studies in English: 2017

Rachelle Grossman, Erin Faigin, Saul Noam Zaritt and Jessica Kirzane

A bibliography of the output of Yiddish scholarship published in English last year.


Art Against Fascism: Joshua Sobol on the Radical Possibilities of Yiddish Theater

Rachelle Grossman

Joshua Sobol speaks to Rachelle Grossman about resistance through art and the future possibilities of Yiddish theater. 


The Latest in Yiddish Studies in English: 2016

Rachelle Grossman and Saul Noam Zaritt

A bibliography of the prolific output of Yiddish scholarship published in English last year.