Review of Utopia’s Discontents: Russian Emigres and the Quest for Freedom, 1830s—1930s by Faith Hillis

Joshua Meyers

Created out of necessity as a response to Tsarist repression, Hillis argues that circles of Russian emigre groups, or “colonies,” represented a crucial space in the development of Russian politics.


Ten Unanswered Questions: An Unconventional Interview with Eve Adams

Noam Sienna

Ned Katz’s sensitive new biography of Eve Adams highglights the challenges faced by LGBTQ people in early 20th-century America and raises lingering questions about the role that Judaism and the Jewish community played in Adams' life. In response, Noam Sienna asks some questions that perhaps only Adams could answer.


Listening to Sylvia’s Children: A response to Briv funem Arkhiv: Letter from Sylvia Schneiderman to Itche Goldberg

Amye Rubinschneider

Amye Rubinschneider interviews her mother and aunt in response to Josie Naron's blog post about a letter from their mother, Rubinschneider's grandmother, a teacher fired during the Red Scare.


Rediscovering Radical Rabbi Abraham Bick at the Site of the Former Institut far Yidisher Bildung

Hayyim Rothman

Rabbi Abraham Bick united a serious commitment to traditional Judaism with political radicalism in his short-lived New York City yeshiva, the Institut far Yidisher Bildung.