Review of Nick Underwood's Yiddish Paris: Staging Nation and Community in Interwar France

Sarah Biskowitz

Today's Yiddishists can find historical models for politically-engaged cultural activism in Nick Underwood's account of interwar Paris.


Review of Adi Mahalel's The Radical Isaac: I. L. Peretz and the Rise of Jewish Socialism

Elazar Elhanan

Reading Peretz as a political thinker, Adi Mahalel offers a case for writing socialism into the center of the rise of modern Yiddish literature.


Review of Transatlantic Russian Jewishness by Gennady Estraikh

Brian Dolber

Estraikh paints a vibrant picture of Yiddish socialism’s fluidity and its many tendencies as it responded to the tensions and traumas of the twentieth century.

Texts & Translation

ברוך דיין אמת

Blessed is the True Judge

Leon Kobrin

Translation by Jessica Kirzane

A short story from Leon Kobrin's 1903 collection Geto dramen.

Texts & Translation

די ייִדישע יוניאָנס אין אַמעריקע

The Jewish Unions in America

Bernard Weinstein

Translation by Maurice Wolfthal

Bernard Weinstein's memoir recounting the history of Jewish labor unions in the United States.


Weaving The Revolution: I. L. Peretz The Social Protest Writer

Adi Mahalel

In this peer-reviewed article, Adi Mahalel follows Peretz's search, through new literary styles, for new forms of revolutionary politics.