Review of Seth Stern's Speaking Yiddish to Chickens

Zeke Levine

This account of Yiddish-speaking farmers offers a model for engaging with oral history and the memory of communities that have since disappeared.


Review of Nick Underwood's Yiddish Paris: Staging Nation and Community in Interwar France

Sarah Biskowitz

Today's Yiddishists can find historical models for politically-engaged cultural activism in Nick Underwood's account of interwar Paris.


Teaching Guide for Leon Kobrin's "Blessed is the True Judge"

Jessica Kirzane

This teaching guide for Leon Kobrin's short story "Blessed is the True Judge" offers brainstorming ideas, discussion questions, and essay prompts for high school and college class rooms. 

Texts & Translation

די גרינע עפּעלעך פֿון גן־עדן

Green Apples from the Garden of Eden

Boris Sandler

Translation by Jordan Kutzik

From Boris Sandler's 1997 collection Toyern (Gateways): a story in which an immigrant's reminiscences are so vivid they all but blur the border between dreams and time travel.

Texts & Translation

ברוך דיין אמת

Blessed is the True Judge

Leon Kobrin

Translation by Jessica Kirzane

A short story from Leon Kobrin's 1903 collection Geto dramen.


Amerike – The Golden Land is Yiddish in Form, Nationalist in Content

Tova Benjamin

Tova Benjamin on seeking authenticity at the theater.


An Interview with Boris Sandler

Sarah Ponichtera

The longtime editor of the Yiddish Forverts and author of fourteen books spoke with Sarah Ponichtera about growing up in Soviet Moldavia, being an immigrant, and reading. 


Immigrants Against the State

Samuel Hayim Brody

A review of Kenyon Zimmer's recently published book, Immigrants Against the State: Yiddish and Italian Anarchism in America.