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Abraham Sutzkever

Translation by Annabel Cohen

Annabel Cohen translates Abraham Sutzkever's poem, "Paris."


Stranger in a Strange Land? A Review of Rachel Rojanski’s Yiddish in Israel

Avi Blitz

Rojanski’s work provides a comprehensive picture of the events and personalities that chart the history of Yiddish in Israel.


Letters Without Addresses: Abraham Sutzkever’s Late Style

Saul Noam Zaritt

Abraham Sutzkever's poetry is often read within the confines of "Holocaust literature". This essays reads a selection of Sutzkever’s poetry against the Holocaust, against the apocalypse, and against the horizons of meaning that the label of "Holocaust literature" might impose.


Speaking of Sutzkever: On Yiddish in Scandinavia

Jan Schwarz

New research and translation of Avrom Sutzkever's work leads to a multilingual, multinational convening of Yiddishists in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Lund, Sweden. 


Playlisticle: Yiddish Orality in an Age of Digital Reproduction

David G. Roskies

A playlisticle of Yiddish speech acts available in digital formats.


Yiddish Moves

Richard J. Fein

Not a translation! An original English-language Yiddish poem. 

Texts & Translation

לידער פֿון טאָגבוך

Three poems from Poems from my Diary

Abraham Sutzkever

Translation by Maia Evrona

Three poems from Abraham Sutzkever’s collection Poems from My Diary.

Texts & Translation


Poems from Oasis

Abraham Sutzkever

Translation by James Nadel

New translations of six poems from Sutzkever's 1960 collection Oasis.


Alternative Futures of the Past: An Interview with Daniel Kahn

Emma Morgenstern

Daniel Kahn talks about his musical influences, how all of his languages interact with each other in his songs, and what it means to “tradapt” a song across languages and time.

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Abraham Sutzkever

Translation by Richard J. Fein

Sutzkever's cycle of poems about his childhood years spent in Siberia: "In the light-dark snowed-under / village of my childhood in Siberia / blossoms bloom from shadows’ eyes— / countless quicksilver blossoms..."


How to Build Bridges to People? Benjamin Harshav and Yiddish

Shachar Pinsker

An essay on the late Benjamin Harshav, one of the most important literary scholars of the last decades, and how in his work Yiddish served as a bridge between Europe, Israel, and North America, between poetry, translation, and scholarship. 

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אַ לוויה אין רעגן

A Funeral in the Rain

Abraham Sutzkever

Translation by Zackary Sholem Berger

A prose poem from Abraham Sutzkever's 1975 volume Green Aquarium. "A man with a heavy bag on his back approaches a dark city in a rainstorm..." 


Here Dwells the Jewish People

David G. Roskies

A review of Avraham Novershtern's new book on a century of American Yiddish literature. Our reviewer asks: was Yiddish literature in America a cultural enterprise that was doomed from the start or one that generated multiple beginnings?