The Voices of Yiddish Writers: A Bilingual Conversation on the new Bilingual Edition of Sheva Zucker's Collection of Printed and Recorded Yiddish Writing, The Golden Peacock

Sheva Zucker and Miriam Isaacs

Miriam Isaacs and Sheva Zucker discuss Zuker's project, The Golden Peacock: The Voice of the Yiddish Writer Bilingual, a book and recording featuring twelve Yiddish writers reading from their poetry and prose, accompanied by an English translation of each work. 


Teaching and Producing Original Yiddish Radio

Shahar Fineberg

Shahar Fineberg describes the challenges and outcomes of hosting a radio workshop at a Yiddish summer program.


Playlisticle: Yiddish Orality in an Age of Digital Reproduction

David G. Roskies

A playlisticle of Yiddish speech acts available in digital formats.


Dreams and Technicalities: Birobidzhan Reimagined in Song

Saul Noam Zaritt

Listen to a contemporary rethinking of Birobidzhan, the longed-for but mostly imaginary Jewish territorial project.


The Virtuoso of Loneliness: A Brief Invitation to Leyeles

Zackary Sholem Berger

Hear the voice of Yiddish poet Aaron Glantz-Leyeles as he meditates on the loneliness of the Yiddish writer while still embracing the magic of the American landscape.


Alternative Futures of the Past: An Interview with Daniel Kahn

Emma Morgenstern

Daniel Kahn talks about his musical influences, how all of his languages interact with each other in his songs, and what it means to “tradapt” a song across languages and time.