Teaching and Producing Original Yiddish Radio

Shahar Fineberg

Shahar Fineberg describes the challenges and outcomes of hosting a radio workshop at a Yiddish summer program.


Yiddish Podcasts in Conversation: Vaybertaytsh and Dos Yidishe Kol

Sandra Fox

The hosts of two beloved Yiddish podcasts chat about how they came to create their programs, with a bilingual transcript.

Texts & Translation


“Gurnisht” Nothing

Zvee Scooler

Translation by Mikhl Yashinsky

Zvee Scooler's masterpiece on nothing at all.


The Yiddish Radio Project: Lessons from the Intermediate Yiddish Language Classroom

Sunny Yudkoff

The third in a series of reflections on Yiddish pedagogy in the digital age. Here, Sunny Yudkoff discusses her use of radio broadcasts in her Yiddish courses.