Reclaiming Aspects of the Jewish Past and Remixing Them: An Interview with Performance Artist Julie Weitz

A. C. Weaver and Julie Weitz

Weaver interviewed Julie Weitz about her ongoing Doikayt project: A series of ritualistic, improvisational performances at Jewish sites across Eastern Europe.

Texts & Translation


“Gurnisht” Nothing

Zvee Scooler

Translation by Mikhl Yashinsky

Zvee Scooler's masterpiece on nothing at all.


Berlin Yiddish Society Column: Sutzkever's Yortsayt

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

January 19th, 2020. A small gallery in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district is crowded and abuzz to honor the tenth anniversary of the death of Avrom Sutzkever with poetry, music, and visual art.


On Not Understanding: Performing Yiddish Song Today

Benjy Fox-Rosen

As a composer and performer of Yiddish music, Rosen confronts the fact that most members of my audience do not understand the language of the texts he performs. Yet, while music does not communicate information in the same way as language, it can lead listeners towards specific associations and meanings. There are multiple instances in which translation, imagined or guided, takes place during a musical performance and the composer and performer mediates these processes.


Between Translation and Tradaptation: An Interview with Daniel Kahn, Berlin, January 2017

Marianne Windsperger

Maranne Windsperger interviews punkfolk artist Daniel Kahn about his approaches to transadaptation and translation.


Spectacular Vernacular: An Interview with Ezra Berkley Nepon on New Yiddish Theater, Queer Performance Arts, and “Dazzle Camouflage”

Anna Elena Torres

On the beautiful, radical, accessible, possibilities of performance and Yiddish. 


Teaching Yiddish Through Performance

Hannah Pollin-Galay

After-school enrichment classes for children can be deadly to teach. Creative performance is one way to keep students engaged and learning.