Call for Contributions to Pedagogy Special Sections: Songs and Syllabi


In gevebs ped­a­gogy sec­tion aims to be a clear­ing­house for high-qual­i­ty, usable Yid­dish ped­a­gogy mate­ri­als. To that end, we are issu­ing two new calls for future occa­sion­al features. 


Announcing: The New In geveb Yiddish Music Network

Do you teach Yiddish with songs? In geveb wants to know! Join us in building a durable archive of pedagogical materials, pulling together all of our hard-earned knowledge and discoveries under one digital umbrella. We hope you agree that music is the right place to start. We’re looking for the songs that you find most useful for teaching Yiddish language and culture. Write us a paragraph with the name of a song you use in the classroom, and a brief explanation of why you use it (What makes the song exciting? What themes does it cover? Does it use a particular grammatical structure? Does it illuminate some aspect of its historical period or cultural setting? Does it have a good story?). We are very interested in sharing audio links (since that’s what often makes or breaks the teaching moment), but are also happy to receive any notes, images, worksheets, or activities you have for teaching it.


In our quest to build a clearinghouse for everything Yiddish pedagogy, In geveb is seeking syllabi for teaching Yiddish language, literature, history, theater, folklore and linguistics. What do you teach, and why? Are there particular texts that go over really well with your students? Have you had to replace some of your texts with different ones as your courses have developed? This is a resource that will serve all of us, and elevate the field in the university setting.

Visit our Submissions page for instructions on how to submit.

“Call for Contributions to Pedagogy Special Sections: Songs and Syllabi.” In geveb, October 2015:
“Call for Contributions to Pedagogy Special Sections: Songs and Syllabi.” In geveb (October 2015): Accessed Mar 27, 2023.