It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Khanike

Jake Krakovsky

Yiddish Chanukah Carols rises above the level of spoof because of its committed engagement with both the original and new materials. Each track so that it settles comfortably between Desser’s new Chanukah lyrics and the recognizable Christmas original.


Hertz Grosbard’s Jewspeak: The Lost Art of Word Concerts

Agnieszka Legutko

Hertz Grosbard's “word concerts” were an embodiment of "Jewspeak," performances that sought to give life to the Yiddish literary tradition.


Yale Strom's Striking Vision: A Review of Shimmering Lights for All Seasons

Zeke Levine

Shimmering Lights by Yale Strom's Broken Consort is joyful listening that cuts through the darkness at any time of year.