The Latest Yiddish Translations, 2018

Maia Evrona, Jessica Kirzane and Daniel Kennedy


We’re living in an exciting moment for the translation of Yiddish literature. Thanks to organizations like the Yiddish Book Center and the interest and enthusiasm of Yiddish learners, translators, and publication venues, a wide variety of Yiddish translations are increasingly available that showcase the diversity of Yiddish literary history and production.

This is the first of what we hope will be an annual effort to gather together the Yiddish translations published this past year. It is our hope that this list helps to make these translations, published in literary venues across linguistic and cultural lines, more easily searchable for audiences with specifically Yiddish interests.

We know that this is not an exhaustive list, and we need your help to make it better! If you translated, or read a translation, of something published in 2018 that does not appear on this list, please write to [email protected] so that we can include it. We also know that English is far from the only language of Yiddish translation, and while there are few translations into other languages that appear on this list, simply because of the limitations of its compilers, we are eager to add translations from Yiddish into any language.

Below you will find a list of single-author books of Yiddish translations into English, followed by a list of individual pieces translated into English, listed by publication, followed by a list of translations from Yiddish into other languages. Where possible we have included a link to the translation itself, and where there is no link, a citation is provided.

Single-Author Books: English

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: English

Single-Author Books: French

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: French

Single-Author Books: Polish

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Polish

Single-Author Books: Hebrew

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Hebrew

Single-Author Books: Russian

Single-Author Books: Lithuanian

Single-Author Books: German

Single-Author Books: Italian

Single-Author Books: Spanish

Single-Author Books: Czech

Single-Author Books: Belarusian

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Belarusian

Single-Author Books: English

Israel Aszendorf. The Collected Stories of Israel Aszendorf.. Trans. Alexander Ashendorf. CreateSpace, 2018.
Collected translated, and published by the author’s son.

Yakov Leshchinsky. The Jewish Worker in Russia. Trans. Robert Brym. Slavica Publishers, 2018.
Leshchinsky’s The Jewish Worker in Russia (1906), a combination political pamphlet, theoretical excursus, and empirical analysis.

Yenta Mash. On the Landing: Stories by Yenta Mash. Trans. Ellen Cassedy, with an afterward co-authored by Jessica Kirzane. Northern Illinois University Press, 2018.
Sixteen stories by Yenta Mash documenting Jewish Bessarabia, daily life behind the Iron Curtain in Soviet Moldova, and the challenges of assimilation in Israel.

Moyshe Nadir. Messiah in America. Trans. Miachael Shapiro. Farlag Press, 2018.
Moyshe Nadir’s satirical play “Meshiekh in amerike,” a drama in five acts.

Bernard Weinstein. The Jewish Unions in America: Pages of History and Memories.. Trans. Maurice Wolfthal. Open Book Publisher, 2018.
Part memoir, part historical chronicle centered around Weinstein’s activities in the United Hebrew Trades.

Samuel Zagat. Gimpel Beynish the Matchmaker by Samuel Zagat, vol. 7., second ed. Trans. Jane Pepper. CreateSpace, 2018.
Classic Yiddish comic strip, compiled, translated, and published by Jane Peppler.

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: English

In the Land of Happy Tears: Yiddish Tales for Modern Times
, Collected and edited by David Stromberg. Penguin Random House, 2018.
A collection of eighteen short stories for children collected and edited by David Stromberg. Included an introduction and a “Glossary of Untranslatables.”

  • Moyshe Nadir, “In the Land of Happy Tears,” trans. David Stromberg
  • Leon Elbe, “An Autumn Tale,” trans. Lena Watson
  • Jacob Kreplak, “Broken In,” trans. Lena Watson
  • Leon Elbe, “The Moon and the Little Boy,” trans. Sandra Chiritescu
  • Jacob Reisfeder, “The Little Boy with the Samovar,” trans. Ri J. Turner & David Stromberg
  • Moyshe Nadir, “The King Who Licked Honey,” trans. David Stromberg
  • Sonya Kantor, “The Kingdom of Ants and Mushrooms,” trans. Debra Caplan
  • Moyshe Nadir, “The Wise Hat,” trans. David Stromberg
  • Jacob Reisfeder, “The Diamond Prince,” trans. Ri J. Turner & David Stromberg
  • Jacob Kreplak, “The Bird Catcher,” trans. Lena Watson
  • Leon Elbe, “The Paper Kite,” trans. Sandra Chiritescu
  • Jacob Reisfeder, “Two Sisters,” trans. Ri J. Turner & David Stromberg
  • Jacob Kreplak, “A Fight,” trans. Lena Watson
  • Moyshe Nadir, “The Broken Mirror,” trans. David Stromberg
  • Sonya Kantor, “A Squirrel’s Diary,” trans. Lena Watson
  • Rachel Shabad, “Gur Aryeh,” trans. Sandra Chiritescu
  • Jacob Reisfeder, “A Treasure in the Snow,” trans. Gavin Beinart-Smollan & David Stromberg
  • Rachel Shabad, “The Enchanted Castle,” trans. Sandra Chiritescu

Pakn Treger 2018 Translation Issue: A Moveable Shtetl, edited by Eitan Kensky, 2018.
This year’s Pakn Treger Translation Issue centers arould transport: trains, planes, and droshkelekh

  • M. J. Berdyczewski, “The Smith; Or, A Tale of a Man Who Poisoned His Wife,” trans. James Adam Redfield
  • Israel Emiot, “Los Angeles,” trans. Leah Zazulyer
  • Yenta Serdatsky, “An Old Woman With Young Dreams,” trans. Jessica Kirzane
  • Rokhl Korn, “Exodus, 1947,” trans. Miriam Isaacs
  • Z. H. Wachsman, “Greetings from the Surviving Remnants of the Jewish People: A travek report by Rabbi Eliezer Silver,” trans. Noah Barrera
  • Avrom Sutzkever, “An Answer to a Letter,” trans. Zackary Sholem Berger
  • Itsik Manger, “Abraham Sends Eliezer to find a Wife for Isaac,” trans. Murray Citron
  • Sholem Aleichem, “Happy New Year,” trans. Curt Leviant
  • Melech Ravitsh, “Wind, Snow, a Completely Darkened Forest, a Frozen River, and Me in the Middle of It All,” trans. Helen Mintz
  • Moyshe Kulbak, “A Train,” trans. Daniel Kennedy
  • Avrom Sutzkever, “To a Friend,” trans. James Nadell
  • Avrom Sutzkever, “Am I Seeing, from a Speeding Train,” trans. Maia Evrona
  • Joseph Opatoshu, “Erev shabes on a New York Trolley, from Hibru,” trans. Shulamith Berger
  • Debora Vogel/Dvoyre Fogel, “Sunday of Suburban Houses,” trans. Anastasiya Lyubas
  • Beyle Shaechter-Gottesman, “We Travel,” trans. Miranda Cooper, Raphael Halff, Zeke Levine and Elissa Sperling

Radiant Jargon: Six Poems About Yiddish, Yiddish Book Center
A bilingual chapbook of six poems in praise of Yiddish, published by the Yiddish Book Center as a gift for members.

  • Maia Evrona, “Hidden Yiddish,” trans. Maia Evrona (Poem originally written in English)
  • “The Alef-Beys” (Folklore). Trans. Sophia Shoulson
  • Arkady Gendler, “Sing in Yiddish,” trans. Adah Hetko
  • Jacob Glatstein, “My Tent,” trans. Richard Fein
  • Morris Winchevsky, “Jargon,” trans. Miranda Cooper
  • Michael Yashinsky, “Tongue-Love,” trans. Michael Yashinsky

In geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies
A little online journal you may or may not have heard of.

Yiddish Book Center Website
The Yiddish Book Center’s website continues to be a solid venue for texts in translation.

Brooklyn Rail, In translation

CCAR Journal, Dec. 2018

  • Y. Adler, “Elul,” trans. Jessica Kirzane

Dibur, “Poetic Currency: A Poetry Dossier,” ed. Adriana X. Jacobs

  • Dvoyre Fogel, “The Legend of the Bank Houses,” “Legend of Gold Ships,” “Legend of Silver,” trans. Anna Elena Torres

Ezra: An Online Journal of Translation

Hayden’s Ferry Review

  • Boris Sandler, “Novella: Meyer the Angel,” trans. Jordan Kutzik

Jewish Currents

  • Yenta Mash, “Bread,” trans. Ellen Cassedy

Los Angeles Review of Books

Lunch Ticket

PEN America
As a winner of a 2018 PEN/Heim Translation Grant, this excerpt is featured on the website of PEN America.

Public Semiar



Splendor, Decline, and Rediscovery of Yiddish in Latin America. Ed. Malena Chinski & Alan Astro. Brill, 2018.
Volume 10 of the series Jewish Latin America, containing two stories from Uruguay translated by Alan Astro.

  • Shloyme Zytner, “A great achievement,” trans. Alan Astro
  • Elie Verblun, “Berman & Bernstein, Inc.” trans. Alan Astro

Tupelo Quarterly

Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Queer Translations Issue 2018

Your Impossible Voice

  • Miriam Karpilov, “Mutual Consent,” excerpt from Diary of a Lonely Girl or the Battle Against Free Love, trans. Jessica Kirzane

Single-Author Books: French

Eli Chekhtman. Erev, à la veille de… Trad. Rachel Ertel. Buchet-Chastel, 2018.
A new edition of Eli Shekhtman’s Erev, translated by Rachel Ertel.

Avrom Reyzen. L’ homme qui causa la chute du temple. Trad. Nadia Déhan Rotschild. Bibliothéque Medem, 2018.
The latest addition to the Medem Library’s “Yiddish.minibilingues” series: a bilingual edition of Reyzen’s “Der yid vos hot khorev gemakht dem templ” transated by Nadia Déhan Rotschild.

Sholem-Aleikhem. Les mille et une nuits de Krushnik. Trad. Nadia Déhan Rotschild & Evelyne Grumberg. Éditions de l’antilope, 2018.
Sholem Aleichem’s Mayses fun toyznt eyn nakht in a lively translation by Nadia Déhan Rotschild & Evelyne Grumberg.

Sholem Shtern. Mon Voyage au Canada. Trad. Pierre Anctil, préface de Chantal Ringuet. Éditions du Noroît, 2018
Sholem Shtern’s memoir translated by Pierre Anctil, with a preface by Chantal Ringuet.

Isaac Bashevis Singer. Keila la Rouge. Trad. Marie-Pierre Bay & Nicolas Castelnau-Bay. Stock, 2018.
Translation of Singer’s novel Yarme un Keyle, based on the unpublished English version by Joseph Singer. With an Italian version appearing last year, and a German version due out this year, surely we won’t have much longer to wait for the English version to finally be released?

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: French

Les écrits, Revue de l’Académie des lettres du Québec: “Suite yiddish.”

  • Rokhl Korn, “Le début d’un poème,” “Je reste dans le midi de ta vie,” “Prédestination,” “De le autre côté du poème,” trad. Chantal Ringuet
  • Kadya Molodowsky, “Poèmes-femmes,” “Les anges arrivent à Jérusalem,” “Au pays de mes os,” trad. Chantal Ringuet
  • Melech Ravitch, “22 Juin 1941,” trad. Pierre Anctil
  • Melech Ravitch, “Un cauchemar tropical à Singapour,” trad. Pierre Anctil et Chantal Ringuet
  • Jacob Isaac Segal, “Korets,” “Le nigun,” “Mes poèmes,” “Un jour, je retournerai,” trad. Pierre Anctil

Sprachbund : Numéro 2

  • Yitskhok Leybush Peretz, “La Ville morte” trad. Batia Baum
  • Hersh Dovid Nomberg, “À qui la faute ?” trad. Fleur Kuhn-Kennedy

Single-Author Books: Polish

Ojzer Warszawski. Szmuglerzy Trans. Monika Adamczyk Garbowska & Ruta Magdalena. UMCS Wydawnictwo, 2018.
Translation of Oyzer Varshavski’s Shmuglars by Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska & Ruta Magdalena

Mordechaj Canin. Przez ruiny i zgliszcza: Podróż po stu zgładzonych gminach żydowskich w Polsce. Trans. Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska. Nisza, 2018.
Translation of Mordkhe Tsanin’s Iber shteyn un shtok: a rayze iber hundert khorev-gevorene kehiles in poyln. by Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska.

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Polish

Moja dzika koza: antologia poetek Żydowskich. Ed. Bella Szwarcman-Czarnota, Joanna Lisek & Karolina Szymaniak.

Nowe życie? Antologia literatury jidysz w powojennej Łodzi (1945-1949). Ed. Magdalena Ruta. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2018.
An Anthology of Yiddish literature in post-war Łódź (1945-1949).

Archiwum Ringelbluma: Konspiracyjne Archiwum Getta Warszawy — Żydowski Instytut Historyczny
In 2018 the Jewish Historical Institute continued its epic project of compiling and translating the Ringelblum Archives: the underground archive of the Warsaw Ghetto with the release of four new volumes:

Tom 29: Pisma z getta Emanuela Ringelbluma. Ed. Joanna Nalewajko-Kulikov. Trans. Daria Boniecka-Stępień, Agata Kondrat.
Volume 29. Emanuel Ringelblum: Notes from the Ghetto.

Tom 29a: Pisma Emauela Ringelbluma z bunkra.
Volume 29a. Emanuel Ringelblum: Notes from the Bunker.

Tom 30: Pisma Chaskiela Wilczyńskiego. Ed. Eleonora Bergman, Tadeusz Epsztein. Trans. Magdalena Siek, Tadeusz Epsztein.
Volume 30. Writings of Chaskel Wilczyński.

Tom 35: Żydzi w Warszawie, część druga: 1527-1795. Ed. Paweł Fijałkowski. Trans. Magdalena Siek, Anna Szyba, Magdalena Bendowska, Kazimierz Pacuski, Zofia Pacuska.
Volume 35. Jews in Warsaw, Part II: 1527-1795.

Odra, nr 4, 2018.

  • Isaac Bashevis Singer, “Marzyciele,” tłum. Mariusz Lubyk

אנה מרגולין. מלכת המילים. מיידיש: אשר גל ואביבה טל. הוצאת קשב לשירה, 2018.

יצחק לייבוש פרץ. עיר המתים : סיפורים. מיידיש: דורי פרנס .מודן, 2018.

מנחם מענדל שניאורסאהן. אוצר ליקוטי שיחות : כלל ישראל.מיידיש: צבי הירש זלמנוב. ספריית מעיינותיך - תורת חב"ד, 2018.

Anna Margolin. The Queen of Words. Trans. Asher Gal & Aviva Tal. Keshev, 2018

Yitskhok Leybush Peretz. The Dead Town: Stories. Trans. Dori Parnes. Modan publishing, 2018.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Otzar Likkutei Sichot: Klal Yisrael. Trans. Tsvi Hersh Zelmanov. Torat Chabad, 2018.

Rozhinkes mit mandeln. Collected and edited by Bilha Rubinstein. Yedioth Books, 2018.

Single-Author Books: Russian

Эль Лисицкий. Козочка / Ингл-Цингл-ХватКозочка / Ингл-Цингл-Хват. Мосты культуры, 2018.
EL lissitzky’s children’s stories Tsigele and Yingl-tsingl-khvat translated by Valery Dymshits. This edition includes a bibliography and an article about Lissitzky.

Борис Сандлер. העלפֿאַנד עלי און קלעפּטשיק-בעבטשיק / Слонёнок Эли и Клепчик-Бебчик. Идиш Бранже, 2018.
Bilingual Edition of Boris Sandler’s children’s story Helfand eli un klebtshik bebtshik.

Залман Шнеур. Император и ребе пер. Велвл Черни́н. Книжники, 2018.
Zalman Shneour’s epic Keyser un rebe: historisher roman, translated by Velvl Chernin.

Шолом-Алейхем. Мальчик Мотл. Пер. Шамбадал Михаил. Время, 2018.
Шолом-Алейхем. Тевье-молочник. Пер. Шамбадал Михаил. Время, 2018.
New editons of two of Mikhail Shambadal’s classic Sholem Aleichem translations: Tevye der milkhiger and Motl Pesye dem khazns.

Single-Author Books: Lithuanian

Icchoko Rudaševskio. Vilniaus geto dienoraštis, 1941-1943. trans. Mindaugas Kvietkauskas. Lietuvos žydų bendruomenė, 2018.
A new translation of Yitzhak Rudashevski’s Vilnius Ghetto Diary in a bilingual edition (the first time the original Yiddish has appeared in book form).

Single-Author Books: German

Josef Burg. Mein Czernowitz. Trans. Armin Eidherr. Rimbaud Verlag, 2018.
Short stories set in Bukovina.

Moische Kulbak. Der Messias vom Stamme Efraim. Trans. Andrej Jendrusch. Verlag Klaus Wagenbach, 2018.
Moyshe Kulbak’s Meshiekh ben efrayim, translated by Andrej Jendrusch.

Single-Author Books: Italian

Mendele Moicher Sfurim. I Viaggi di Beniamino Terzo: Traduzione e postfazione di Daniela Leoni. EDB - Edizioni Dehoniane Bologna, 2018.
New edition of Mendele’s Masoes benyomin hashlishi. Translated and with a preface by Daniela Leoni.

Single-Author Spanish: Spanish

Nahón Milleritzky. Un médico judío en el viejo Buenos Aires. Trad. Cacho Lotersztain
. Trenenmovimiento, 2018
A Collection of short stories by Argentine writer Nahón Milleritzky. Translation, notes and introduction by Cacho Lotersztain with a foreword by Raanan Rein.

Single-Author Czech: Czech

Shmuel Zagat. Gimpl Bejmiš, dohazovač. Trans. Petr Jan Vinš. Lauderovy školy, 2018.
Translation of fifty comic strips, with an introduction by Petr Jan Vinš.

David E. Fishman. Pašeráci knih: Boj o záchranu židovských pokladů před nacisty a komunisty. Trans. Martina Neradová (English), Petr Jan Vinš (Yiddish).
Translation from the English of Fishman’s book about the Paper Brigade in wartime Vilnius. Contains poems by Avrom Sutskever, Sholem Aleichem and songs by Shmerke Kaczerginski translated from the Yiddish by Petr Jan Vinš.

Single-Author Books: Belarusian

Мойшэ Кульбак. Панядзелак. Trans. Siarhej Šupa. Выдавецтва Вясна, 2018.
Translation of Moyshe Kulbak’s Montog.

Periodicals, Anthologies, and Online Publications: Belarusian

Габрэйскі акцэнт. ПрайдзіСвет №20.
A special Jewish issue of an online literary magazine with translations of Moyshe Kulbak’s poems, “ikh bin a bokser a hultay,” “In veg,” “Zun-fargang,” “Hunger,” “Vos mir shtarbn,” “Dos tsigele,” “Yidishe verter,” “A dude” by Andrej Chadanovič and Siarhej Šupa and Israel Joshua Singer’s travelogue Minsk by Siarhej Šupa.

Evrona, Maia , Jessica Kirzane, and Daniel Kennedy . “The Latest Yiddish Translations, 2018.” In geveb, January 2019:
Evrona, Maia , Jessica Kirzane, and Daniel Kennedy . “The Latest Yiddish Translations, 2018.” In geveb (January 2019): Accessed Sep 23, 2020.


Maia Evrona

Maia Evrona is a poet and translator.

Jessica Kirzane

Jessica Kirzane is a Lecturer in Yiddish at the University of Chicago. She holds a PhD in Yiddish Studies from Columbia University. Jessica is the Editor-in-Chief for In Geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies.

Daniel Kennedy

Daniel Kennedy is a literary translator based in France.