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Text & Translation

פֿון מגילה לידער

Excerpts from Itsik Manger's Megile Lider (Megillah Poems)

Itzik Manger

Translation by Hershl Hartman

The Book of Esther as reimagined by Itsik Manger


A Jewish Folk Poet in Texas: Chaya Rochel Andres and the Yiddish South

Josh Parshall

Writing Yiddish poems and resisting assimilation in the Dallas Arbeter Ring


Yiddish Tattooing: Embodied Text

Diana Clarke

What draws us to embody language, or to make explicit how language embodies us?


The Lonely Hero Needs Reanimating: Poems by Yisroel Nekrasov | רעאַנימאַטאָרן קענען אַלץ: לידער פֿון ישׂראל נעקראַסאָוו

Zackary Sholem Berger

A new book of contemporary Yiddish poetry from the Russian writer Yisroel Nekrasov considers murder, reanimation, the geography of time, and the long work of mourning.


לויט די לייענערס | Readers Respond: Malka Lee

Diana Clarke

A reader writes in to tell us about her grandmother, Yiddish poet Malka Lee, and to dispel an error of identity that's been floating around the internet for years.