“yidishe dikhterins”


A Jewish Folk Poet in Texas: Chaya Rochel Andres and the Yiddish South

Josh Parshall

Writing Yiddish poems and resisting assimilation in the Dallas Arbeter Ring 


In geveb in the Classroom: Getting to Know the Best Dressed Better

Jessica Kirzane

Yiddish teachers are always looking for good materials. Here, Jessica Kirzane demonstrates one way to use content from In geveb to structure and enhance her lessons.


לויט די לייענערס | Readers Respond: Malka Lee

Diana Clarke

A reader writes in to tell us about her grandmother, Yiddish poet Malka Lee, and to dispel an error of identity that's been floating around the internet for years. 


Best Dressed Yiddish Women Cultural Figures

Diana Clarke

Iconic hats of Yiddish poetry, plus the labor of creating a look!